The Five Best Songs from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack

Fans have been doing their best to continue thinking that DCEU isn’t hopeless and thankfully they did finally get a movie that was worth the wait as Wonder Woman hit the big screen in a big way. Gal Gadot became the Amazonian Princess in a way that she’d already done in Batman vs. Superman, but this time she was the star and she had all eyes on her as she strode into battle. The soundtrack for this movie was just as strong as it needed to be without anything too heavy or overwhelming since it retained a very classic feel that was perfect for a movie such as this. If any of you can remember from your youth, the Wonder Woman we knew had an origin story but it was lost long ago in the need to simply showcase her as one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. This movie was something that managed excite fans in a big way.

Here are a few of the best tracks from the movie.

5. Wonder Woman’s Wrath

It’s funny but so many people still consider women fighters to be somehow inferior to male fighters, but in this movie that’s not even close to being true. The Amazon’s are trained and hardened throughout years upon years of training and they know little else but perfection when it comes to knowing their place in battle. Wonder Woman, being the most powerful among them, is a woman that you simply don’t stand against unless you’re tougher than she is and far more skilled. In fact throughout the Justice League and throughout the DC universe there aren’t a whole lot of people that can go toe to toe with her without getting roughed up in the process.

4. The God of War

From Greek mythology to this movie Ares is and always has been one of the more volatile gods in the pantheon. The son of Zeus, he’s noted for his hot temper and utter disdain for those that he considers to be beneath him. The act of his destruction releasing the hearts of men from their bloodlust is a little much to be believed, but the fact that Diana is able to contend with him and then finally obliterate him is proof that as the God Killer she’s simply too hard for anyone that’s not at her level to stop. While her origin seems to have jumped around a bit from the comics to the big screen it’s still pretty cool to watch the fight between them.

3. No Man’s Land

Diana is a bit naive when it comes to the ways of humans and this is shown on the battlefield when she goes charging ahead into a hail of gunfire that, despite her super speed and durability, could have ended her had the Germans been able to attack from more than a single angle. Wonder Woman is awesome in a fight, especially hand to hand, but it’s already been shown that the Amazons aren’t bulletproof and it would seem that her skin can’t really repel anything moving so swiftly. But this scene is still incredibly inspirational since it shows her utter determination and willingness to just jump right into the fight.

2. Amazons of Themyscira

These women are just amazingly tough, and not just in the movie. If you’ve ever had the chance or do ever get the chance to see what the women that starred in this movie went through to get into character for their parts then you’ll see that they trained harder than you might believe. The Amazons of legend are no joke, they were said to be some of the toughest warriors around and trained constantly in order to remain ever vigilant. The kind of intensive workouts that were done by these women for this movie are nothing short of grueling and absolutely demanding, but they did it and managed to impress a lot of people.

1. To Be Human

The trick of Wonder Woman is that she knew what it was to be an Amazon and a woman in regards to the life she’d known in her homeland. But upon leaving Themyscira and traveling into the wider world she had no idea what to expect and was in some ways appalled by the ways of humanity. The idea that women were somehow thought of as lesser and were not the warriors she’d grown used to was confusing no doubt, and the way of humans was even more so. But through her dealings with them she came to understand that while being human meant not being perfect, it also meant embracing a life that was over too short and demanded that one pay attention to the beauty in life while it lasted.

This was an answer that the DCEU needed in terms of finally being able to step out of the shadows.

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