The Five Best Telltale Games of All-Time

Telltale Games has gone out of business. There is no single reason for this. Instead, there are a number of them, with examples ranging from high licensing fees to a loss of potential investors because of a lack of trust. Whatever the case, Telltale Games has come to a conclusion, meaning that what we have is what we have. As such, interested individuals might want to take a look at the Telltale games that have already been made if they crave the kind of play-through experience that the video game developer is famous for.

The Walking Dead

There was a time when adventure games made up a respectable chunk of the video game market. Nowadays, adventure games are no more than a niche, but it was The Walking Dead that played an important role in showing that such games are still capable of appealing to modern consumers so long as they have a tight narrative, relatable characters, and meaningful choices. As such, The Walking Dead deserves a mention on this list for breaking new ground even without considering its other merits.

The Wolf Among Us

Initially, The Wolf Among Us had a less than smooth launch. However, it managed to recover, with the result that it is now seen as one of Telltale Games’s better titles. Something that is in addition to the fact that it proved the value of the episodic structure for adventure games. As for its content, well, suffice to say that The Wolf Among Us is situated in the setting of the Fable series, in which players are expected to navigate a crime mystery as the detective Bigby Wolf.

Puzzle Agent

Puzzle Agent was an odd game that possessed a fair amount of charm. In short, it combined adventure game elements with a wide range of brain teasers, thus making it very interesting for people who appreciate some storytelling to go along with their puzzle-solving. On top of that, Puzzle Agent was one of the very few Telltale games that wasn’t based on a preexisting property that had to be licensed for use, meaning that the video game developer didn’t have to pay the expensive licensing fees that it had to pay for more of its title selection. As such, one can’t help but wonder if Telltale Games could’ve done better by focusing more on its own properties, though considering everything else that has been said about the video game developer’s operations, even that might not have been enough.


Batman has been very popular for a very long time. As a result, there is a lot of Batman media that can be found out there, meaning that it can be rather difficult for a single piece to stand out. However, Telltale Games’s Batman game managed this feat, which is based on a number of factors. First, the Batman game managed to recreate the stark contrasts of high and low that can be found in Gotham City, which is critical because Batman isn’t Batman without the setting that makes the character what he is. Second, the Batman game managed to stand out because it focused more on Batman as an exceptional detective rather than Batman as the consummate fighter. In this manner, it managed to offer Batman fans a very stand-out experience while remaining perfectly faithful to the source material, which required an exceptional sense of timing to stick the landing.

Tales From the Borderlands

For those who are unfamiliar, Borderlands is a space western with what one might call space fantasy elements. However, while its setting is interesting, its main appeal can be found in both its heroes and its villains. In particular, there was Handsome Jack, who served as the main villain of the series but nonetheless believed himself to be the hero bringing the law to a lawless world. In Tales From the Borderlands, players got the chance to explore more of the setting through the eyes of new characters. Moreover, they got the chance to put down Handsome Jack for the last time, which was something that a lot of people had been looking forward to for a long time.

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