The Five Best Teresa Palmer Movies of Her Career

Teresa Palmer didn’t have the best beginning but it was something that kept her in a home and fed and able to keep dreaming about the kind of life she wanted when she got older. She worked her way up the ranks like a lot of celebrities and had a few jobs in her younger years that some folks might turn their noses up at but would still take if it was that or nothing. Once she got to college her fortunes started to change a bit as she was auditioning and looking forward to finally seeing her acting career take off at some point. As of now you might not know her as well as you should but she’s been in a number of films that have been fun to watch even if they haven’t always been as popular as they need to be to elevate her career. Still, she’s played her roles with a great amount of skill and been a joy to see on the big screen.

Here are some of her best movies to date.

5. Bedtime Stories

A lot of Adam Sandler’s movies have been campy and kind of goofy for a long time now but since that’s the way they’re made and supposed to be it’s not much of a problem unless you want something a little more serious. Bedtime Stories though is something that kids and adults might enjoy since it takes the fantastical and applies it in a very practical way to real-life circumstances in a way that’s kind of creepy if you think about it but still magical enough that it would be something that a lot of people would gladly embrace. As a rather spoiled rich girl Teresa isn’t the antagonist or the protagonist, she’s just kind of there a supporting character that adds a bit of flair to the movie.

4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

So in reality a guy that looks and sounds like Dave would probably be the last guy that anyone would ever think would be able to hook up with a woman that looks like Teresa, even in a movie, but given that Disney is all about hopes and dreams this film makes a lot of sense. The only trouble is that as fun and engaging as it was the film didn’t get a lot of great reviews despite the fact that it took a story that was already pretty popular and went off in a direction that was actually quite interesting. Jay Baruchel did a pretty good job and Teresa was more than just window dressing as she was the love interest and instrumental in the antagonist’s defeat.

3. Warm Bodies

Most films about zombies are more concerned about the outbreak and that it will be the downfall of humanity. Well, this is still about that but at the same time it’s also about a sudden and unexpected effect that happens to the zombies when one of them begins to feel his heart beating once again upon looking at a living woman. When his heart starts to beat he begins to revert back to his human self, as do many of the other zombies. But his also makes them targets for the things that are worse than they are, creating an all-out war that eventually makes the surviving humans have to pick sides.

2. I Am Number Four

This movie seems like it was a great idea without a whole lot of development to really get it started. The whole plot was something that could have used a lot of work but the initial idea sounded great. If there had been more time to really flesh it out and create an entire world around it then it might have gone somewhere. In fact if the movie had been spread across a trilogy or even made into a TV series it could have really gained some ground. But the two hours or less to develop the idea and introduce the characters just wasn’t enough to really get people on board with the film the way it was. It was still watchable though.

1. Hacksaw Ridge

Being based on a true story only made interest in this movie even greater since no one would ever think to walk into an active war zone without a single weapon strapped to their body. But one mane decided that he didn’t want to help tear the world apart, he wanted to make it better and to help his fellow soldiers survive. Those that called him a coward had to seriously re-evaluate their stance on his sense of right and wrong after what he did, as he proved that not everyone is meant to pick up a gun and join in the slaughter that is war.

Teresa has been in some good and moderately good films, but it seems like it’s time for her to start acting in a few more blockbusters.

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