The Five Best TV Show Christmas Episodes of the 70s

The 1970s had some of the best television shows of all time. Some of us still seek out those old episodes and watch them whenever we get the chance. From Emergency! to Starsky and Hutch, there was no shortage of riveting shows to watch during that time. If you’re in the mood for some good Christmas episodes, here are five of the best ones from the decade, listed below. You’ll find a summary of each one and even links to clips from the episode in question so you can see for yourself which one is your favorite. If you grew up during the 1970s, this is sure to warm your heart, not to mention taking you back to a time when things weren’t as complicated as they are now. If you’re a little too young for that, check out these clips and see what television was like during one of the best decades that ever existed.

1. Father Knows Best (1977)

This was not necessarily aired as part of the sitcom itself, but as a separate special in the form of a movie. People that grew up during the time will undoubtedly remember this warm and caring family from the television show and in this particular movie, everybody manages to make it home for Christmas despite a whole laundry list of challenges. If you’re looking for something that’s heartwarming and that will keep you smiling all day, you might want to sit back and watch this.

2. Mary Tyler Moore (1970)

In this episode, Mary isn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit, largely because she has to work on Christmas Eve. It’s hard enough when you already feel like you’re struggling to make things work in your life, but it’s even more difficult when it’s a special holiday and everybody else is spending time with their family. Mary is definitely frustrated but she realizes just how many friends she really does have when all of her co-workers (even the ones who drive her crazy) show up to work to spend time with her so she won’t be forced to work alone.

3. Happy Days (1974)

This is one of the early episodes of the show and in this particular episode, Fonzie is the one who needs a little Christmas love. He doesn’t make it to the bus in time to get back home and this forces him (he thinks) to spend Christmas alone. The interaction between him and Ron Howard’s character is truly inspirational and you might even want to grab a tissue or two. If you’re a fan of this show, this is a must-see episode and if you haven’t ever seen it before, go ahead and give it a shot. Television was a lot different back then, in some of the best imaginable ways.

4. The Carol Burnett Show (1974)

One of the main things about Christmas is getting together with the family. For some, this is a great thing and for others, not so much. After all, it all depends on the family in question. For people that don’t necessarily get along well with their family members, this can be a stressful time, indeed. This show takes all of that stress and turns it into something you can laugh at in the way that only The carol Burnett Show could. If you’re dreading that family celebration at Christmas, go ahead and watch this clip. You’ll end up laughing yourself silly.

5. CHiPS (1979)

Who doesn’t love watching this show? It was truly one of the best shows of the 1970s and in this particular episode, it’s all about daily life as a California Highway Patrol officer that has to work during Christmas. Anyone who does shift work will appreciate this episode, as it shows the ups and downs of having to work on a day when most people get to spend time with their family. It also demonstrates what it’s like to be dedicated to serving and protecting others, even when they don’t always want the help they need.

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