The Five Best Yellow Power Rangers of All-Time

The Power Rangers have been a popular group on the big and small screen for so long that it’s easy to forget just how many people have really taken up the mantle of each ranger. The Yellow Ranger however is kind of the jack of all trades. They can take charge, are excellent fighters, and have the kind of loyalty that exists without compromise. Of course with some characters that take on the mantle of a Ranger these attributes have to be discovered and then fostered as not every person that takes on the powers of a Ranger is fully-suited to it just yet. But throughout the history of the Rangers the Yellow Ranger has been one of the most fierce and at times has even been the most well-rounded individual of the bunch. They’re the Ranger in any group that can kind of help tilt the balance of the team in many different ways and help the rest of the group to come together as a cohesive unit.

Here are five of the most powerful Yellow Rangers of all-time.

5. Katie Walker – Time Force

In the physical sense Katie was likely the strongest of the Rangers on the Time Force squad. She was definitely one of the strongest in the enter Rangers history. Her strength was great enough that she could lift just about anything if she had to and without assistance. Yet despite being inordinately strong she was pretty gentle and very sensitive, making her one of the Rangers that was least confrontational. Her openness and honesty made her a very affectionate person and she was always there, ready with a hug to help someone that was feeling a bit down in the dumps. She was the muscle of her team and the heart of her group as well. The only downside to this is that her affection towards everyone made her seem more like a mother hen than a fellow Ranger at times. Sometimes you’ve got to trust that your teammates can take care of themselves.

4. Maya – Lost Galaxy

Maya had kind of a tragic back story since her planet was turned to stone. One of the wildest rangers of the bunch she was completely content with climbing trees and talking to the animals since she had never experienced a hi-tech environment. She had to learn how to be Ranger quickly and she also had to learn how to fit into society when she knew absolutely nothing about it. Her ability to commune with nature was very handy since it helped her contribute to the group. Considering that the zords used for this group were living animals and not just robots you could say that it was one of those skills that was absolutely essential to their success.

3. Trini Kwan – Power Rangers Movie

Some folks might question this entry but hear me out. The Power Rangers have been great for a long time but moving into this current era they needed a definite edge and as the old team wasn’t really geared to give that kind of edge thanks to being bound by TV and their own programming something had to give. The Trini that walked onto the scene in this movie was someone that was al little more hardcore and more attuned to the current era than any of the others. She is also someone that isn’t as bound by what society wants and tends to speak her mind and act before thinking, which is dangerous and impulsive at times, but still manages to give her character the edgy nature she needs.

2. Taylor Earhardt – Wild Force

Being that she was the only Yellow Ranger to lead the team in the history of the franchise it’s not much of a wonder why Taylor would make the list. She was the first Ranger to be recruited for the Wild Force team which means she received the most raining and has more experience than anyone else on her squad. Plus, added to the fact that she’s a former pilot for the military, being a Ranger is almost like second nature since she’s a skilled tactician and knows how to fight. But like any leader will do when they’re both wise and know what’s good for the team she backed down when the Red Ranger showed up to take over and lead the team. It seems a little silly that she had to step down just because the Red Ranger is the one that’s always in charge, but being as the writers have always been of the mind that the Red Ranger was the team lead this is just the way things happened.

1. Trini Kwan – Mighty Morphin

Sometimes the first to do something is just too hard to beat since they start the trend and set the bar that everyone that comes after has to keep raising or match to be just as good. Trini was the kind and compassionate type that was also one of the most powerful Rangers on the team. She was perhaps one of the most battle-hardened Rangers on the team and knew how to wield a variety of weapons and was very proficient in hand to hand combat. Sadly though the actress that played the Yellow Ranger, Thuy Trang, was killed in a car accident before she could decide whether or not she would come back to the show.

No matter which series you watch, keep in mind that the Yellow Ranger is bound to be one of the toughest on the team.

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