The Five Craziest Hotels Visited by the Ghost Adventures Crew

There is a fascination with the idea of something beyond our scope of rational thought, be it an afterlife or another dimension where spirits become trapped with nowhere to go. But the Ghost Hunters are those that are, among many, the ones that want to prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that such phenomena aren’t just the jumped-up imaginations of those that have been spoon-fed legends and myths for their entire lives. Their forays into one town after another to seek out the paranormal have come up with some interesting things, though many still doubt what they’re hearing or seeing and have decided to remain skeptical. One thing about this world that anyone should realize however is that at this point there’s no way that so any can deny, outright, the existence of something beyond our scope of reality.

Here are a few of the craziest hotels the Ghost Adventures team has ever visited.

5. The Stanley Hotel

A lot of people would likely choose not to stay in a place that they heard were haunted. This would be due to more to the fact that a person will freak themselves out than believe in what’s going on. This hotel has apparently been known for strange sounds and ghostly visitors that have haunted the halls for some time. With cameras in hand and set up in each of the most haunted rooms the guys set out to discover just what was really happening in the hotel. When they start hearing voices in their rooms and the sound of someone walking around however it would seem that the spirits are trying to tell them something.

4. Wolf Creek Inn

Due to the reaction of the owners of the inn it’s kind of hard to take things seriously. But the moment you hear loud footsteps going across the floor, in a room where no one is supposedly standing, it would seem that something is really going on. People don’t need much prompting to feel freaked out, but when you feel a disturbance around you that feels unnatural it’s pretty easy to assume that something is not right. When there are loud noises or clear voices that erupt from nowhere as well then it becomes a bit creepy, enough that it makes you wonder just what these people are still doing there.

3. Black Swan Inn

Every place has its secrets, but this one seems uniquely dark as it seemed to incite the need to harm the people they were speaking to. This is the idea that a spirit can in fact possess a person and make them think harmful things towards another as they grow angry, and it’s deeply unsettling. The house in which Lizzie Borden apparently killed her father is a place that many might assume is one of the most haunted places around. You can only imagine that such spirits within a place, if they remain, would be outwardly hostile and might not want to be reached, or accused in any way. This seems like it would be a dangerous moment for anyone.

2. Mineral Springs Hotel

If you believe that spirits can be bound to solid objects then you might not be too enamored of a place that was built with a great deal of materials taken from a place where well over a thousand prisoners were once incarcerated. While it’s very possible that the show takes and twists the drama that exists to new levels, it’s also easy to fall into the idea that the very stones of the hotel could have carried over a wealth of negative or simply spiritual energy. The stockpile of strange and unknown power that might have been transferred by the spirits is something that might creep a lot of people out. But worse still is the fact that suicides and murders within the place after it was built would be an even bigger worry.

1. Ancient Ram Inn

One might think that it wouldn’t be wise to go around messing with things that the average person can only understand from legends and myths that are incomplete. But the team still manages to travel from place to place in search of something that will explain the strange happenings that people have claimed are going on. There’s not much reason to doubt if any of these things are really happening, but there is bound to be plenty of people that still claim that it’s all staged. Those that believe however might be more incline to state that the team should leave well enough alone and simply let the spirits rest as they are. There’s nothing to say that they’re at peace as it stands, but at the same time it seems that safety would be best served by not aggravating something that’s beyond understanding.

Some think it’s just entertainment, some think it’s real. How you view it is up to you.

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