The Five Worst Megyn Kelly Moments from The Today Show

The Today Show with Megyn Kelly wasn’t really on the air for that long, but it was definitely long enough to upset a lot of people. During the time that she was on the air, she seemed to make comment after comment that shouldn’t have been made. From the time that her show started, she was finding ways to offend people and tick them off. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, it all culminated with her remarks about dressing up in Blackface for Halloween. Below are five of her most cringe-worthy moments.

5. Are you gay because you like Will & Grace?

Yes, she really did ask this question. At the time, she was only three days into her stint as hostess for the show when she invited a die-hard fan of the television show Will & Grace, Russell Turner, on the show. The moment he took his seat on the stage she asked him if made the decision to become a lawyer just because he liked the show. That’s a rather weird question in and of itself, but it doesn’t take long for her to elevate things to a whole new level. She also asks him if he’s gay just because he likes the show and he’s trying to be like one of the main characters. Most people would know better than to ask a question like this. She didn’t even bat an eye when she said it.

4. The NFL situation

It was just a couple of days after this initial faux pas when she started talking about the controversy within the NFL concerning the players who were taking a knee whenever the National Anthem was played. Her comment was that their decision to take a knee “underscores some of the beauty of our country.” This comment doesn’t really make any sense and she didn’t offer up anything to further clarify what she was trying to say. The point is, this is a subject that ignites strong feelings on both sides. It’s probably best to leave things alone unless you’re capable of articulating precisely what you mean. It also requires having full knowledge that no matter what you say, someone is going to be unhappy about it, so you had better know where you stand and be willing to back it up. Instead, she came across like she was too afraid to pick a side, sounding more like a politician trying to ride the fence than anything else.

3. The interview with Jane Fonda

That same week, she had a scheduled interview with actress Jane Fonda, who was there to talk about her new movie, Our Souls at Night. When she came onstage, Kelly had absolutely no interest in discussing the movie. The only thing she did want to talk about was Fonda’s plastic surgery, which she continued to bring up until Fonda herself asked her if they could please just talk about the movie. That still didn’t stop her. You would have thought that Jane Fonda was the only person in the world to ever have plastic surgery. It was a very strange and exceedingly uncomfortable interview, to say the least.

2. There were previous racist comments, too

If you think that Kelly had never made racist comments before she found herself in hot water a few days ago, think again. During her first week on the show, she offended a whole bunch of people at one time when she started talking about Santa Clause. Her comments were in regard to the Santas of different ethnicities, saying that there was no need for such things because Santa is a white man. She might have been okay if she had just stopped talking right there, but she had to take things even further, saying that the same thing applies to Jesus.

1. The Blackface comments

Despite all of the inflammatory comments she had made in the past, this is the one that finally put the last nail in her coffin, so to speak. She had a rather heated discussion and made the remark that it should be perfectly fine to dress up in Blackface as a Halloween costume. That was the comment that finally did it, something that she should have known better to say in the first place.

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