The Game 5.08 Review: Familiar Territory

After a brutal confrontation in Roger Keith’s office in the last episode, you would think that The Game returned with some sort of inkling to what happened after Keith decimated Derwin and Malik’s plans of overthrowing new kid Kwan (Charles Michael Davis). Instead, not only as that plot thread given a rest this week, but the writers decided to revisit some familiar territory that would have been relevant three to four years ago. Of course I’m talking about none other than the possible renewal of the Melanie-Derwin-Janay love triangle. However before we get to that trip down memory lane, let’s get back track on how we got there in the first place.

Tasha was still holding a grudge towards Melanie, which was the only plot thread left over from the last episode. This fact drew Melanie to desperately search for some sort of friendship. Enter Janay, her mortal enemy. After finding out that Janay has a new man now, Melanie invited Janay and Janay’s new beau Noah to dinner with her and Derwin. While Derwin and Noah hit it off, Janay tells Melanie in secret that she and Noah are getting married, but doesn’t want Derwin to know, because he might will have issues… which he shouldn’t cause he’s happily married to Melanie right? (Hold that thought.)

After Noah and Janay leaves, Derwin calls his new buddy a “jackass,” making it clear he was putting on a front during the night. If this is the case, did Derwin not like non-religious Noah (who did come off as a douche at times)? Or did Derwin not like the idea of Janay being with another man besides him? Melanie asked what we (and she) were thinking and was met with basically a ‘Hell naw!’ from Derwin. Then she dropped Janay and Noah’s engagement, and Derwin’s expression spoke volumes to which I have to ask, “Why?”

Do we really need to tread down this road again? Words are hard to come by to describe just how badly this sounds at the moment. I say ‘at the moment’ because knowing the writers of The Game, they could flip the script on us and all this ranting could be for naught. Although, we all know that Pooch Hall (Derwin) has been cast as a regular in a Showtime pilot, which means his role on the show will be drastically reduced. Could this be the beginning of Derwin’s back burner status ala Colby Bell’s Jason Pitts? Time will only tell. In the meantime, this new storyline will be met with a sharp, concerned eye (and tongue) the entire time it plays out.Сайт знакомств

While the Davises were on one end of Familiar Lane, Tasha Mack was on the other when it comes to her issues on getting a keeping a man. It was a light little storyline for Ms. Mack complete with ‘good ole days’ moments with Malik, Tee Tee, and Tasha that had me chucking throughout their screen time. On the flip side, Tasha had to deal with having no man and going up the walls because of it. Could this be a set up for Tasha to start dating again? Hopefully. Plus, who would’ve thought Carl Anthony Payne III (Cole on Martin) could be a suave, sophisticated male escort? Wonder what else he will bring to the show in upcoming episodes?

No sign of Jason Pitts or Chardonnay this week, which elated me to no end. Can only take so much with that particular storyline.

So what did you guys think? Should the writers of The Game tamper with Melanie and Derwin’s ‘blissful’ union? Or should they tilt the boat a bit?

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