Photos – The Good Wife 1.12 “Painkiller”

I am loving The Good Wife. Last week’s episode featuring the divorce of S.A. Childs was great (I loved his snappy wife). I’m also very interested in the conspiracy against former S.A. Peter and what led to him getting put in prison. Any theories on what’s going on?

CBS has released a few photos for the upcoming new episode on January 12, which you can view below, along with a very short synopsis.

THE GOOD WIFE“Painkillers”– When a star high school quarterback dies from an overdose of painkillers, Alicia represents the doctor who prescribed the medication.

At home, Alicia and the kids deal with some bad news, and Peter (Chris Noth, left) seen here being visited by his lawyer (Joe Morton, center) and Kalinda Archie Panjabi, right) receives information that makes his blood boil, on THE GOOD WIFE, Tuesday, Jan. 12 (10:00-11:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.’

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