10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Happy Hob

When it comes to the infamous gamer known as The Happy Hob, it seems fans are always looking for more information. With his unique, boisterous humor and incredible ability to beat games without ever getting hit or dying it is easy to see why people love watching him. He has a real ‘stage’ presence. Regardless of whether you just heard his name for the first time, or you’ve been a supporter since the beginning, we’ve dug up ten fascinating facts behind the gaming legend.

1. World Record Holder

The Happy Hob holds a gaming record for beating all the Dark Souls games without taking a single hit. What some fans don’t realize is that it’s an actual Guinness Book Record in the “firsts” category. He is well known for his no-hit no-kill runs and his incredible personality.

2. Wishes

He believes that if he catches a floating dandelion seed he gets to make a wish and it works. At least, this is what he said on one of his youtube videos. We’re taking that one with a grain of salt, but he looked quite earnest when he said: “It works.” It’s doubtful that he wished his way into the public eye, but it still makes the list as one of his most endearing moments.

3. Oddball Antics

Among his many amusing antics, he once at a whole bag of “Cola Willies” on his live stream. We won’t use the crass term here, but it was hilarious to behold. In fact, some of his best moments have to be left off because they use a bit too much foul language to be aptly described here.

4. Narcissism

The title is probably not quite accurate here, but he does like to watch his own streams. The ability to laugh at yourself is a wonderful quality for anyone to have. If The Happy Hob wasn’t such a stunning gamer, he’d probably still have a career as a comedian. It’s well worth watching him as he watches himself just to catch the double evil laugh.

5. Gamers Choice

In 2018 he was nominated by the Gamers Choice Awards for the fan favorite moment. Sadly he was beaten by Ninja and Drake playing together. It was an interesting choice by the fans and Wikipedia has left him off the roster entirely despite the nomination. Is it because of his staged tantrum when he lost? We can hope not. Still, someone should go correct that page. Hob certainly deserves the honorable mention.

6. Lots of Love

In addition to all the love he gets from fans and fellow gamers The Happy Hob has a girlfriend. That’s right ladies (and lads) he’s taken. The Happy Hob and his girlfriend Megan (Megantron aka @crispyleaf) appear quite happy.

7. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

If the twitter pics are to be believed then his golden retriever has a bad habit of sleeping on his head. In fact, The Happy Hob has both cats and dogs. Cloud, Ned and other furry friends show up from time to time on his twitter and other social media.

8. Arachnid Issues

Hob is afraid of spiders. As seen on his Youtube show (Hob Shots Episode- Spirambe) while the gaming legend is entirely willing to take on monsters of any kind, real critters creep him out. He can be seen climbing onto a chair to escape a spider toward the end of the episode, and it ends with a somewhat eerie shot of the spider trapped under a glass cup.

9. Yes, He’s British

It seems like far too many people have asked the question. His country is listed clearly as GB on socialblade. Though it seems silly that anyone needs to ask, people do.

10. Over 25k

Not his income, his YouTube subscribers total over 25 thousand and growing. That’s a sizeable fan base for a three-year-old channel. To be fair though, he deserves every one of his over two million views. It’s not just any player who can run through Dark Souls games as an underwear-clad Dido and manage to complete without ever getting so much as a scratch.

Final Thoughts

He’s funny, he’s foul-mouthed, and he can probably beat you at video games. The Happy Hob is always worth the watch. His Twitch streams are both epic and filled with humor, not to mention he’s a fair singer when he tries. If you have yet to experience Hob’s unique brand of gaming, then you are missing out.

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