The Killing May Rise from the Dead for Season 3

There are few shows that have frustrated me more than The Killing on AMC. What started out as a promising mystery series turned out to be a 12 hour long episode of CSI/Law and Order, with more red herrings than actual plot points.

As such, I didn’t tune in for season two, as even AFTER all that, the killer still wasn’t truly revealed. I was not alone, as the show’s ratings dipped to the point where AMC cancelled it.

But now it seems the show may live on thanks to the relentless efforts of its producers at Fox TV. In some sort of partnership with Netflix, The Killing may live on. The central stars are already locked in for season three, and production would begin in February is the deal goes down.

Some are comparing this to when Friday Night Lights was revived from the brink of death. That was a great day for TV, and the show ended up living a long and happy life. As for The Killing? I can’t say I’m as enthused, but I’m sure the actors and few remaining fans are.

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