The Mad Max Prequel “Furiosa” is Getting an Awesome Cast

All a person really needs to say is that Anya Taylor Joy, Chris Hemsworth, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II are starring in the same movie and the expectations will rise almost immediately considering the level of talent these three bring with them. It does help that Joy starred in Split and Glass, Hemsworth is an MCU icon, and Mateen did help out a great deal with Aquaman. Plus, the fact that Mateen will apparently be taking on a pretty hefty role in The Matrix 4 doesn’t hurt either. But so far that appears to be the main part of the cast, with plenty to come no doubt since the Furiosa movie that will act as a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road is already starting to sound as if it will be more than a little impressive. Some would preach caution to those that allow their expectations to rise that high, which is wise since a lot of us have expected a great deal from certain movies only to be vastly disappointed upon seeing them, but given the track record of the actors that have been named it feels as though expectations can at least be kept at a moderate level and still carry the expectation of being met since the Mad Max storyline has been impressive so far. But going beyond what was experienced with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, this movie will delve into the past of the fan-favorite Furiosa as we get to see just how she became the hard-bitten woman that a lot of people came to fully enjoy once the movie hit theaters.

It’s not much of a surprise that Furiosa became as popular as she did since, for one thing, it was Charlize Theron playing her, and she was given a great deal of importance in the movie, and another reason is that she does have an interesting history to her people wanted to know more about. It was just a matter of time before someone picked up the idea of Furiosa and ran with it, and so far it would sound as though the project is moving ahead nicely and will be something that fans might be excited to learn more about. There is an online explanation of who she is and how she came to be Immortan Joe’s Imperator, but it definitely shines a very negative light on her early life and how she became as hardened as she was in the movie since she and her mother were abducted and she had to fight her way to the top after it was discovered that she couldn’t bear Joe any more children. Her rise to Imperator was a hard one since a person can only imagine what she might have gone through as a young woman being raised in a war-like culture that didn’t harbor any reservations about abusing people, especially women. This is going to be an interesting role to see Anya Taylor Joy in, but if one can accept that she was a magical mutant in The New Mutants not too long ago then this should be a piece of cake.

It’s not known just who Yahya will be portraying, but it’s been revealed that Hemsworth will be playing a character by the name of Dementus that is apparently quite handsome but has a deep scar on his face that’s held together by chrome staples. It’s funny how chrome is such a big deal in these movies, but the impressive look of it is kind of telling. One can easily guess that this prequel will be every bit as rough around the edges in terms of how the world will look and how we’ll be made to perceive it as any of the Mad Max movies, especially since Furiosa’s origin started out nice but went sour very quickly. Trying to imagine a young woman taken into a world such as Immortan Joe’s is kind of difficult for many people since it invites the kind of horrors and degradations that might be seen as too real in the world today. But thinking of how she became that tough is kind of interesting since it does make one think that she found the willpower to resist and to withstand everything that could be tossed at her, and in time that she was every bit as tough as the men that she had to endure so often. The fact that she sympathized with the wives isn’t too hard to buy since she was in their position at one point, and looking away isn’t something that anyone can do for long if they have even an ounce of heart left in them.

So far the movie is sounding like it could be intense as well as interesting enough to give a look. Hopefully, it will be all that and more.

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