The Mandalorian Gets Awesome 80s TV Intro Fan-Edit


Anyone else getting the 80s Vibe? Or how about the nearly Star Wars Holiday special vibe? Yeah, best not to mention that as much as possible since most of us know that it’s a dark but not so well-kept secret of the Star Wars universe, especially since it’s kind of an embarrassing one as well. But the lengths a fan went to so as to make this special intro to The Mandalorian is kind of quirky and even a bit fun since it does bring back old memories of the sitcoms a lot of us grew up on and the cheesy music that was considered to be decent back in the day but is kind of hard not to laugh at now. Plus, how many of you knew that Nick Nolte was playing the part of the patient old ugnaught Kuiil? It’s something you might have to look at the cast list to see and as a result you might now have to go back and watch Kuill’s part again just to see if you can pick up on Nolte’s customary growl. Apart from that however the only one that seems really hidden in this series so far is the titular character, and that’s by design.

With a few notable characters having stepped into the ring at this point you can’t help but wonder just who else is going to be making an appearance that we haven’t seen on the cast list yet. Giancarlo Esposito is on his way eventually, and Gina Carano, everyone’s favorite shock trooper Cara Dune, has already made her presence felt. Considering that this story is set only five years after the events of Return of the Jedi that would have put it smack in the 80s had it been on George Lucas’ mind back then. But obviously things weren’t that far along since the stories and the books were taking over and the expanded universe was more of a going concern than anything else.

The Mandalorian’s at that point were another note in the overall story and despite how impressive they were their place in the movies started and ended with Boba Fett at that time, largely because of his armor and his fierce reputation. In the EU however Boba Fett is seen to be tied to Mandalore at one point despite not having originated or been raised there. The only thing that tied him to the Mandalorian culture, apart from his armor, was his father Jango, who was a part of the Mandalorian culture as he started as a foundling much like the Mando in the current series. Unlike Jango however this Mando is still pretty loyal to his people, though it’s going to be interesting to see what happens moving forward since he did what most bounty hunters frown on when it comes to their job, he went and stole back the bounty he’d been paid to find and deliver, all because he didn’t see it necessary to harm a child. One thing about this Mandalorian, he does have a big heart even if he doesn’t show it all the time. Paul Tassi of Forbes has more to say on this matter.

Imagining this show hitting the airwaves back in the 80s is kind of amusing since one can only imagine that back in those days the effects would be insanely cheesy and people might not have responded to it nearly as well. Plus, when you think about certain characters, such as Cara Dune, IG-88, and even Carl Weather’s character you might think that they’d be less than convincing since think of it this way, back then women were still being outfitted in skimpy outfits that wouldn’t stop a raindrop let alone a blaster bolt or a knife, and Carl Weathers might have been better off as an actual bounty hunter than the guild master since he was still in his prime. To be honest though he’s still impressive since he’s been great in his role and proven that he still has what it takes to be fun to watch. The fact that he and the Mando are now on opposite sides just seems like something that was meant to be since in the world of bounty hunting it’s every person for themselves more often than not, and there’s not a lot of room for sentiment. That still seemed to be challenged though in the latest episode when the Mando was given the opportunity to stay and become a part of the village he helped to protect. There might even have been a moment between him and Cara Dune as well, though it seemed fleeting.

At this rate the show is still insanely popular since people are talking about it online without cease. Admittedly baby Yoda is still one of the bigger attractions, but the Mandalorian is also quite the eye-catcher, and now so is Cara Dune, who people have already professed they’d like to see more of in the future.

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