The Movie Clueless is Getting Rebooted as a Mystery TV Series?


Bethany Guerrero of ScreenRant is under the idea that Dionne from Clueless, who will be the lead in this new reboot, is ready for the kind of responsibility that will come from having to take on the pulse of the school to which she and her best friends Cher were so integral. Honestly just writing the words is kind of painful since it’s still hard to believe that Clueless became so popular 20 years ago when it centered around three young women that seemed to act as though life revolved around fashion and being as vapid as humanly possible. So yes, by the end of the movie she’s grown more socially conscious, but it still feels like a movie made for those that enjoy a rich and very privileged life that allows them to think that any problem can be solved easily and without the hard work that it takes to really accomplish anything. In other words, it’s a movie about a bunch of rich kids that think they can solve the problems of the world by the power of positive thinking. But the series that is coming seems to be aimed in a different direction since it’s going to be a mystery series, which is enough to make a person roll their eyes unless Dionne is a closeted genius that was somehow held down by being friends with Cher.

There are a lot of moments in which I’d say that a reboot isn’t necessary simply because it might be a mistake simply because the effort is going to be something far below the standard of the original, or that it’s simply not needed. This time that opinion would lean towards the latter as it would seem that the story of Clueless was more than enough when it first came out. How this movie ever became that big is still something of a mystery, and how we’re still talking about it to this day is one of those subjects that one can either argue about until they’re blue in the face and forced to face their own hypocrisy as they fight for other shows and movies they want to see, or can simply accept it with a shake of the head and move on. Some of us can’t possibly bring ourselves to like this movie or the idea, but it does seem that bringing Dionne in as the lead character might offer a different direction for the idea that could possibly create further interest and even bring another level to Clueless that was sorely lacking in the original movie. The big idea seems to be that Cher is missing and Dionne has to step up to take her friend’s place and therefore assume the responsibility of being the most popular girl in school while trying to find out what happened to her friend. Cole Delbyck of Huffpost has more to say on this in his own words.

Some might think that making this into a mystery series might be kind of laughable, I’ll admit that I’m one of them, but given that Clueless is still so popular and has been that way for two decades now, maybe it’s time to give it a try at least. With everything that’s been given a second shot and has been brought back as a reboot or remake it might be that something will resonate with people when this one is finally released. As Nellie Andreeva of Deadline has reported this series will be put back on the map by CBS Studios who managed to gain the rights to the movie and will be developing the story of Dionne, wherever that might go. One hopeful bit is that they won’t be bringing back Stacy Dash, though it might not even be an idea that’s on the table since she was seen to get in a bit of trouble a short while back. Of course given that she’s over two decades older than she was in the movie it’s not likely that she would come back for anything other than a cameo unless the director or producer were interested in a bit of nostalgia to give the fans. After all it’s always nice to see at least some recognition of those that helped to start something, even if it’s just a mention or something simple like a picture, such as would be needed with Brittany Murphy since she passed so tragically in 2009.

So all in all, despite the head shaking and eye rolling it does seem as though it might be safer to reserve overall judgment of this project until it’s finally released if only because assuming that it will be as popular as the original movie could be a mistake. Very rarely does a TV show ever do a movie justice, but there’s always that hope that things will turn out differently this time. Maybe Dionne will take the story in a different direction that could be beneficial.

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