Mythbusters: The Octopus Attempts to Lift a Car One Last Time

To find out if a vacuum cleaner really has enough suck to life a car, Mythbusters duo Adam and Jamie have created a 40 suction cup contraction they call “The Octopus.” And in test one, the car 100% completely fails to fly. So for test 2, they decide to realign the cups on the hood which they are hoping gives a better seal and more lift. But like in test 1, the thin sheet metal of the hood is proving to be quite the challenge.

However, leave it to these guys to have a plan C. They think that they have enough suction to lift the car but the hood of the car seems to be the problem. Their solution? To completely cut the hood of the car out and replace it with sheet steel. While it seems these guys are actually cheating by changing the structure of the car, they beg to differ.

Remember that the actual myth is that there is enough power in a vacuum to lift a car. They’re just adding a little bit of structure. Does it work? Kind of. The car is lifted one inch off the ground.

But there’s still time for one more test. Just one more try to see if the Octopus is in fact dad. Find out what happens!

Check out Mythbusters tonight on Discovery at 8pm

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