The Office Fan Pens a Complete Season 10 Script


There are definite positives to be taken from the pandemic, even if a lot of folks don’t want to see them, and the idea of a fan creating an entire season of The Office is one of them, in a way, since it shows that people aren’t just lying down and being depressed that they can’t do what they want or go wherever they desire. Some folks are actually sitting down and letting their creative juices flow during this time as Kendall Halliburton of Screenrant points out that Nick Janicki, a fan and avid follower of The Office, has created an entire season of the show all on his lonesome. Now of course this isn’t going to spawn another season of the show, but Nick has made it possible for anyone that’s interested to download the script in order to read it and possibly imagine just what might happen if it did ever happen, which is pretty cool to be sure and shows that he hasn’t been idle during the quarantine either. Some of us might be taking this time to just chill out and get a few errant chores and other projects done around the house, while those of us that work from home might just see each new day as more of the same, but hats off to Nick to be fair and realistic since writing a screenplay is a little tougher than one might think, but writing an entire season takes some dedication and a good deal of imagination, not to mention knowledge of the show that would make it even better.

Nick apparently goes so far as to show what he thinks might happen were the the program to be filmed in 2020 and has adapted it to display where everyone is and how life is going for the Dunder Mifflin bunch. The inside jokes that might pass by the casual fan but be completely understood by longtime fans sound great as well, showing that he is one of those that has been paying close attention to the show and the careers of the actors as they’ve moved onward and upward following the end of The Office. A great number of people would love to see the show come back somehow but at this point it’s fair to state that there’s just too much going on in the lives of many of the actors and trying to get them back for more than a reunion show would likely prove to be extremely difficult given that things were put to rest in a manner that wasn’t entirely final but felt as though it should have just been left as it is. The effort of bringing something back when it’s reached a natural or desired conclusion tends to run the risk of ruining it at some point and with The Office there’s a good chance that the show could become greatly muddled if it was allowed to go on, unless it somehow managed to captivate the audience as it did in the past.

Writing out an entire season however is not to be taken lightly since writing one screenplay is impressive enough for just about anyone, especially since if that screenplay was to be picked up it would likely get picked apart, edited, and redone until it was considered to be a polished gem that might still not be accepted in its pristine form by those in charge. That’s the business, or at least part of it, as scripts tend to be manhandled in a way that makes them unrecognizable sometimes while at others they’re treated as though they’ve been printed on solid gold, even if the end result is something a little less valuable. One has to wonder if Nick has done this kind of thing before or is an aspiring writer that finally found his muse and something to write for. Considering that writing a screenplay is a desire for many people it’s fair to assume that Nick might have been doing something like this for a while but had yet to really find his stride, or something that he just wanted to do for fun that would challenge him in this manner. But 900 pages worth of screenplays is nothing to snicker at, unless of course the content is just that funny. With The Office it’ s likely that any fan with a well-developed sense of humor could sit down and at least write an episode if they really tried, but 24 of them is insanely impressive since it means Nick has quite the imagination and no limit to where he might take the characters.

Whether he’ll pen another season or move on to another project is hard to say but this current one is bound to keep the attention of The Office fans for a while, so really all I can say is good job Nick, it’s definitely worth a read.

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