The Ozark Theory Predicts a Grim Future for Wyatt

Wyatt Langmore is kind of a sad case when it comes to the story of Ozark since he’s a bright kid that could have made something of his life if he hadn’t been born into the Langmore clan, who were a bunch of crooks from the get it feels like and were trained in how to manipulate people for more than a generation. The fact that the family is tolerated but not particularly liked throughout the first few seasons of the show is enough to make it appear that Wyatt was dealt an extremely bad hand since otherwise, he might have gone on to do something positive with his life. But as it stands, his hatred for the Byrde’s and his determination to see them brought to heel one way or another is bound to be his ruination and a few fans have a theory that he’ll go around the final season with a target on his back that someone is eventually going to put to use. Who it will be though is hard to say despite the fact that Wyatt isn’t the most stable individual and could end up going head-on towards the Byrde family, which would likely trigger Jonah Byrde, who’s no doubt itching for a chance to put someone in the crosshairs.

It might even be Wendy that could take him off the board, or perhaps there will be a twist and Darlene Snell will consider him too much of a liability and do it herself since she’s proven in the past that she’s not above killing someone she cares about in order to get what she wants. But it likely won’t be Marty or Charlotte unless things get so crazy that there’s no other choice, since neither one of them is a killer, no matter how bad things have been getting. Wendy might do something simply to protect her family, while Jonah, well, he’s about a hair-trigger away from drilling pretty much anyone that threatens to harm his family in any manner. This kid had a shotgun to Helen’s face at one point and was ready to pull the trigger if she tried anything. The fact that he didn’t in season 3 is kind of irrelevant since Helen was executed by the end of the season anyway. But with Wyatt still on the board and the fact that he and his cousin Ruth are still allied with Darlene Snell, who’s unbalanced on a good day, it’s fair to state that things aren’t going to get better and they aren’t going to calm down until several more bodies are buried, cremated, or otherwise reported missing.

In almost every story there have to be certain characters that exist in order to make things work, and moving the narrative to a place like the Ozarks is a sure sign that we were going to see a poor family of some sort living in the backwoods and featuring a mix of individuals that had secrets aplenty and had at least one or two individuals that were both cunning and far more intelligent than those around them. Wyatt isn’t a dumb kid, but he hasn’t had the best role models growing up, and neither has Ruth, which means that their conniving and emotional states are pretty natural since they’ve been using them as survival traits for a long time. The actor playing Wyatt, Charlie Tahan, is great enough that he’s given the character a kind of haunted, whipped look that indicates just how hard Wyatt’s life has been and how badly he might want to get out, at least until he figures out who killed his family members and why. Ruth had the key to keeping the Byrde’s their allies or turning them into their enemies, and since she was fed up with Marty and her new lot in life it was a bit obvious which direction she was going to head in. It’s not entirely fair to think that Wyatt should have been caught up in any of the mess that the Byrde’s brought with them, but it’s also fair to think that he had a choice to get out and he didn’t take it.

Sometimes revenge is a powerful drug that keeps people from seeing straight, especially when it comes to family. But this coming season, which will be the last for Ozark, doesn’t promise anything good for Wyatt at this point, at least from the view of the fans, since he’s not a killer, he’s not a tough kid, and he’s not the kind of guy that’s about to go berserk on anyone. Chances are he’ll run afoul of the Byrde’s and possibly end up being killed by Jonah at some point since the youngest member of the Byrde clan doesn’t feel like he’s going to be the most stable when it comes to defending his family.

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