The People You See at Every Video Game Tournament

There’s a decent amount of overlap when it comes to thinks like Comic Con events, tradeshows, CES, and many many others.  The point is that while they each have an intended purpose and fall into their own categories, you get a lot of the same types of people who show up.  For example, no matter what event you are attending there’s always going to be the person who is just so “professional.”  The guy who wants to take you around if you’re a newbie, show you everything, and act like they’re God because they know more than you.  You don’t have to be at any type of event to see this guy.  He’s always there.

But today I came across a comic that specifically catered to video game events and I found it to be amusing.  While there may be 50 types of people that fit this bill, JHall summed it up nicely in his rendition of “12 people you see at video game tournaments.”  Check it out below and let us know if he missed any.

Comic via JHall – Follow Jhall on Facebook and Twitter

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