The Potential Bad News That Might Be Coming for The Batman

Don’t worry too much about this development with The Batman since as Mike Floorwalker from Looper states it could be that we’ll be seeing a ripple effect in Hollywood for years to come as dates will need to be pushed back and production schedules will have to be altered in order to get things done on an as-needed basis. Feeling sorry for anyone that’s not making a small fortune on those movies that are going to be delayed is pretty easy at this point since their jobs have been disrupted in a way that’s hard to fully grasp for those of us that are still working and might have jobs that are seen as essential or not in any danger of shutting down thanks to the nature of them. But with the current case of the COVID-19 virus and how long it might last, the rumor at this point is that The Batman will be postponed long enough that its release date might need to be pushed back significantly. If you just did a mock shake and look of panic before saying ‘boo hoo’ then you’re one of the many that isn’t worrying too much about those movies that were in the midst of filming at this point, as those that have a net worth that can allow them to weather these tense times aren’t exactly in any danger of being forgotten or severely impacted by the cessation of production at this point. Those that rely on a steady paycheck just to keep their utilities, rent, mortgage, etc. paid however are easier to feel sorry for since the entertainment industry at this time is kind of in a huge state of flux.

A lot of people aren’t too worried about the heroes on the big screen at the moment since their attention has been diverted towards other matters that are far more important, such as keeping other people safe, healthy, and teaching others how to take the virus seriously by practicing social distancing. Of course it’s within every person to hope that celebrities are staying safe and healthy during this time as well, but when it comes to the monetary concerns that come with Hollywood being on lock down at this time, a lot of celebs aren’t really hurting to the same degree as the average citizen. Some celebrities have been doing what they can to help the populace thankfully, making it clear that despite being sequestered in their own mansions and opulent homes that are likely very easy to weather such a situation in, they are still thinking of others. Some might claim that there are celebrities doing it to bolster their public image, but it’s easier to think that they might actually give a damn about the people that help to make their fame possible, since without the fans the Hollywood celebs might as well be performing for each other. Plus, without the fans’ money their own pockets might be kind of thin at this point. So yeah, it’s easy to think that they do care about the fans.

As far as The Batman goes, the release date is of course going to be pushed back, and its far from the worst thing that could possibly happen to this production. In fact it might even give the director and his team a chance to look at things and make sure that everything is going exactly the way they want, and it could afford them a chance to at least propose changes if they’re needed. In any case, a later release date is not the end of the world, and it’s not exactly avoidable. It’s uncertain just when production is going to start up on any Hollywood project again, but the hope is that it will happen before the year is out. Summer might not be possible when it comes to shooting, but hopefully by fall we’ll see the coronavirus as a blip in the rear view mirror and will be back on track when it comes to stepping out for a breath of fresh air and a bite in a crowded restaurant once again. Likely as not a lot of people will think twice before taking on that last part, but at the very least the virus does appear to be loosening its hold on China, which means there could easily be a light at the end of the tunnel that we’re not seeing yet, but have some hope to see eventually. Until then, the Batman movie is going to be postponed along with everything else, which could mean that 2021 and onward could be extremely busy when it comes to both production and the release of various movies that people will have been waiting for since the virus decided to cross our borders and visit for a spell. Jason Guerrassio of Insider has a few things to say in his own words.

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