The Real Housewives of Atlanta 5.04 Recap – Moving Violations and Butt-Dailing Tribulations

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5From the clips surrounding last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you would have thought it would have been more exciting than the mundane stories they gave us tonight. In fact, the episode dealt more with Kim’s move back to her old townhouse than anything else. And the “butt-dialing” incident? Completely messy on everyone’s part, if you ask me. Plus, it was nowhere near as entertaining as I had hoped. But I can only blame myself for hyping up the dead air that was that confrontation. But I digress.

Phaedra’s Donkey Booty Gets Her in Trouble

While discussing Kim’s suspect moving/eviction story and leaving early from their Women Empowerment party, NeNe Leakes also brought up to Cynthia Bailey how a mutual friend of both NeNe and Phaedra received a butt dial from the self-proclaimed southern belle that proved her to be anything but. The message – which NeNe oddly got a copy of on her phone – featured Phaedra saying how she didn’t give a “f*ck” about Cynthia coming to Ayden’s party or not. Clutch my pearls! Phaedra’s dropping “F” bombs now?!

Cynthia didn’t take too kindly to that remark, especially after she politely told Phaedra she wouldn’t be able to attend the party due to a previous engagement. Plus, Cynthia thought that since Peter and Apollo made up after their tiff from last year that she and Phaedra were cool themselves. So what gives? Or better yet, who cares? So Cynthia decided to invite Phaedra to lunch, give the woman a gift for Ayden, and then let her have it all within 5-10 minutes of them being at the restaurant. I can’t even recall if they had even ordered their food yet or were just munching on appetizers, because the confrontation came just that fast… and went absolutely nowhere.

Although one thing of interest did come out the pointless conversation and that was Phaedra Parks can really lie through her teeth. But I guess I should have known that since Phaedra did lie about Ayden’s due date and she is a lawyer, so it comes with the territory. However, she knew that this would air eventually and if someone had of told me something I said word for word, then I don’t see a point in lying about it when there are cameras involved. Then again, we wouldn’t have a show, so moving on…

Kim’s Big Move… Back to Where She Started.

The whole Kim moving back to her townhouse story irked me to no end, because Kim has told so many people different tall tales about the situation that I refuse to get an aneurysm trying to keep up with any of it. However, the thing that infuriated me the most was Kim’s poor treatment of the movers who were moving her stuff, because the diva had a month to do some sort of packing and/or group certain things that she wanted packed together. There was no excuse for her to go off on the workers from what we saw in the episode, because they basically didn’t have a guideline/list to go by. So they improvised with what they had and still got chewed out for it, yet her daughters could play around with boxes and packaging tape that was needed to help advance the moving process along. Also notice how the last couple of episodes have been edited to contrast Kandi’s own moving experience with Kim’s? Seems like the producers saw the same tomfoolery we did.

Now next week’s episode will hopefully make up for the snooze fest that was handed to us tonight, because that intervention looks like it will bring it in terms of the dramatics. And I can hardly wait.

Other Moments of the Night

– As stated above, tonight featured Ayden’s birthday party and everything leading up to the overly The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5planned event. Dwight made a special appearance to organize the event, but I have to say that it is extremely sad to see how far this man has been regulated to a one-note cartoon of his former cartoon self. The party was what you would expect from a Phaedra and Dwight production, featuring pointless, overly priced events and bored guests who are there for show. In short, a Grade A hot mess.

– The most interesting thing that came out of Ayden’s party was his first haircut! I remember being kid and being terrified of the barber shop and thought the editing department did a damn good job emulating Ayden’s reaction when he walked into the barber shop. Plus, who would have known Apollo used to be a barber himself?

– Kenya had her family meet Walter for the first time and I couldn’t do anything but yawn loudly. The poor man was put on the spot by Kenya’s family with talk of marriage, his past relationships, and his career. By the way Kenya’s folks came at Walter, you would have thought he was at a job interview for a Fortune 500 company or on trial fo just being alive. It was overly done for the cameras, just as Kenya’s faux dinner was a little later in the episode, which was pointless and blatantly obvious. Le sigh…

So what did you think of last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Was Kim over the top with her moving storyline? Did Cynthia overreact to Phaedra’s butt-dialing incident? Should Phaedra have tried to explain herself instead of lying?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Alex Martinez

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