The Real Housewives of Atlanta 5.05 Review – Sayonara, Kim!

Last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak exited stage left, leaving NeNe Leakes as the lone standing original ATL Housewife on the long-running Bravo series. But the story wasn’t about who outlasted the other, as much as it was Kim being tired of her costars and them feeling the same way about her.

The entire episode, as well as the entire season, dropped more hints about Kim’s dramatic exit than her dog dropped turds in her townhouse. If anyone had never seen an episode of RHOA, they would still be able to pinpoint how Kim’s self-isolation from the group had worn itself thinner than one of her retired wigs and a confrontation was very certain in the near future. Each Housewife’s confessional during the episode included how they changed their plans to accommodate Kim’s dates mixed with their absolute assurance that Kim would eventually weasel her way out of going to Anguilla. So when Kim proved them right, the other ladies didn’t hesitate to hold back their confusion and frustrations.

Kim arrived to the luncheon that included Cynthia, NeNe, Kandi Burrus, Phaedra Parks, and for some reason Kenya Moore (more on that mess later). After the ladies toasted on the Anguilla trip, Mrs. Kroy Biermann declared that she was actually coming to the trip, but only after she talked to her doctors first. Hmmm… After listing the million different reasons on why she possibly couldn’t go on the trip, Kim started to look like someone who had nothing but excuses to dole out to anyone who would listen. However, I do have to say that the editing during this scene was pretty choppy and added more confusion to an already flummoxed conversation, making Kim look even more suspect than she probably was.

For instance, Kim first stated that she was 8 months pregnant, but then a few minutes later said that she had 8 weeks left in her pregnancy. Last time I checked, the average pregnancy was 9 months, but by Kim’s calculations that would mean she would come to term at 10 months. Again. It’s confusing.

But the bafflement became clear once she revealed that while she probably couldn’t make it to Anguilla, she would most definitely be going on vacation with Kroy the same weekend as the Anguilla trip. Umm… what?!?

At that rate, it was all she wrote as all the women had reached their fill of Kim’s lies and confronted her on what the true problem was: Kim simply just didn’t want to go with them on the trip. As NeNe so eloquently put it, “You ain’t got to travel with us and you don’t have to have a doctor’s excuse. If you were the right kind of person, you’ll walk up in here and say, ‘You Know What? I don’t want to travel with you guys, ’cause I don’t want to.'” And to be bluntly honest, that’s all Kim really had to do, but she chose otherwise. Once the heat got hot enough to flatten her wig, Kim announced that she was done with the everything and hightailed it to the door. Sayonara, Kim!

But the real gag of the night ended up being that despite all the press, media attention, and buzz surrounding tonight’s episode being the Tardy for the Party singer’s last, the final time we will see Kim holding a Georgia peach will actually be next week. Oh, Bravo… You should have just let Kim and Kroy just drive off into the sunset into their own little spin-off instead of squeezing another minute out of them on RHOA.

Well, that was Kim’s pseudo-exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but what else happened last night?

– Kenya blatantly disrespected Phaedra and Walter as she openly flirted with Apollo right in front them as if they were just ornaments on the table. If I was Walter, that would have been the last straw on top of the last straw.

– Phaedra (sort of) came clean about the butt-dialing incident and apologized to Cynthia, who accepted and promptly deleted the voicemail and the foolishness behind it out their lives.

– Porsha found out that after suffering a miscarriage that she would be able to try to have kids again. But she  wants twins, so she and Kordell have a lot of work to do to achieve that goal.

– Is it just me or was Kandi being a bit too messy with Cynthia concerning NeNe and by inviting Kenya to the  luncheon so that the former Miss USA could invite herself to Cynthia’s trip?

Looks like The Real Housewives of Atlanta will actually make it to Anguilla next week after dealing with the last portion of the Kim Zolciak-Biermann Saga. But will this be the trip where Porsha and Kenya come to blows, or will Bravo save that little nugget for later?

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