The Real Housewives of Miami 1.03 “Optical Delusion” Review

Maybe my initial musings about the Real Housewives of Miami was a bit premature, or I am incredibly tipsy right now, but last night’s episode kept my attention throughout the entire hour. I’m also starting to get the feeling that the good drama is saved until the end of the episode, while the first 45 minutes is dedicated to show just how delusional these women are when it comes to reality. Larsa Pippin actually thinks that she is more famous than the celebrity/political figures that were featured during the art show? In what dimension and on what narcotic? Let me know so I won’t detour there.

Speaking of Larsa, there is no damn way in HELL that I would’ve bought her 16yr old brother a $25,000 SUV. I’m just at a loss for words at the sheer audacity of Larsa even asking for such a request and not getting chewed out by Scottie Pippin afterwards. Then Larsa wants to cry about not being able to keep a proper nanny on staff, which makes me think she’s not paying them enough for the crap she puts them through. But she has the budget to get her 16 yr old (seemingly inexperienced driver) brother a brand new car. AND pay his insurance? I’m so done with this chick.

Then we have Alexia, who makes her own money, has a business, and still knows the value of a buck and won’t even let her own son run rampant with money that isn’t even his. Maybe Alexia needs to have a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk with Larsa about the virtues of spending money. Now that is some drama that I’m willing to see.

The Cristy/Lea mess was kept at a minimum this week, but thankfully it will hit the fan next week. Will this be RHMIA‘s Camille vs. Kyle/Tamra vs. Gretchen/NeNe vs. Kim type drama for the rest of the season? Um… Yeah, right.

Now to the “Oh My!” moment of the night which featured Adriana serving shade to Marcos Marin, the artist she chose for her at show, who didn’t show any iota of professionalism for the event. While I thought it was kind of in bad taste for Adriana to introduce a new artist during Marcos’ show without consulting with him, I can’t help but say what did he expect to happen? Then there is Marcos’ friend Tommy who made an ass out of himself for attacking Adriana for the shady move. This is where being a Ride or Die friend goes wrong, because Tommy was clearly out of line for his attack. Marcos himself knew he was being served a shot of wake-up call mixed with karma, which is why he didn’t say much of anything. I also don’t care too much about Adriana’s business partner, who acted more like her father than a partner last night. Whining about being in blue jeans and a t-shirt doing hard labor? Whatever, dude.

Before we go we have to talk about the scene stealer Elsa, who told Marysol’s boyfriend that she was a witch. If my girlfriend’s mother had of told me that I would’ve been looking for the nearest exit immediately. Seriously, it looked like she gave him the evil eye as she said it. Maybe she smells B.S. in this one… Gotta love that Elsa!

So what did you guys think? Is the show picking up some steam?


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