The Reason FBI Agents Raided Jake Paul’s House

Why people follow Jake Paul is hard to figure out sometimes, apart from the idea that he is somehow able to gain their attention by his various antics and because, well, those that act out on YouTube tend to get noticed so long as they do and say things that people feel are entertaining. But at the moment, Jake’s antics might have forced him into a hole of his own making. Recently it was noted that he was present at a Black Lives Matter protest that turned into a riot in Scottsdale, Arizona. While it’s been stated by Paul that he wasn’t a part of the riots, it was enough to put him on the FBI’s radar. In fact, the development was enough to get the Scottsdale police to drop their case when it was established that the FBI had found interest in Paul’s case. Despite Paul stating that he’d done nothing wrong, federal agents did seize several ‘long guns’ from Paul’s home, weapons that were a little more than assault rifles, and look as though they can bring down an airliner if one was motivated and skilled enough. Let’s go ahead and say this right now, the issue of having firearms in the home is something that many people don’t want to touch since the 2nd Amendment will be brought into play almost immediately, and there’s always the idea that guns can be a status symbol or a hobby for many people. But the guns taken from Paul’s home are hard to justify largely because they are not practical, they’re definitely more hardcore than a person would need for self-defense, and even if they were purchased legally, which is hard to justify if the feds were allowed to take them, it’s more comforting to have such weapons far away from someone with Paul’s lack of good judgment.

Lest anyone think that Paul’s poor judgment is limited to his choice of firearms, there is also the reality that he did hold a party in his home in Calabasas that featured no masks, no social distancing, and the typical good time that Paul is known for having. Of course, many people would love to throw a party, to have large gatherings, since summer is the time for people to get together and have a good time. In the current era though, with COVID-19 still a very serious threat, this has become just about as problematic as the major gaffe that his brother Logan perpetrated in Japan. What’s truly hard to understand is how Jake or Logan are still gathering followers in the millions at this point, but it’s easy to see that people still forgive and accept his and his brother Logan’s behavior quite readily. This doesn’t say much for what people support these days, since many will claim that they want a role model, they want someone that can stand for their ideals and what they want in life. Jake Paul isn’t that, and he’s proven this more than once since despite having millions of followers on YouTube (remember that word, “followers), he tends to think of himself first, foremost, and always. Vindictive as it might be, many people are likely hoping that Paul’s indiscretions will come to an end at one point since being on the FBI’s radar is not a necessarily a knockout blow to someone’s reputation, especially an individual such as Jake, who thrives on controversy, whether he creates it or simply rides the wave.

What’s truly strange is that Jake and Logan have not been kicked off of YouTube or any other platform for their behavior, or for anything they’ve said or done. Granted, free speech and several other freedoms keep this from happening outright, but one has to wonder just how many ill-advised antics it will take to finally see the end of the Paul brothers and their influence online. At this point, Jake has denied any wrongdoing in the Scottsdale riot, though with his track record and the fact that several long guns were recovered from his home in Calabasas, one has to wonder just how long his luck is going to hold. The fact that Jake and his brother Logan have created their own fortunes by becoming online sensations, in a manner of speaking, is impressive, and would continue to be so had they decided to do something positive with their influence and show others how they could help change the world for the better with their acquired ‘skills’. Unfortunately, the brothers have opted to act like entitled teenagers for much of their time online and are perhaps starting to reap the whirlwind that they’ve had a hand in creating. The downside of this much exposure is that it will only continue to cement Jake’s status as a rebel and as someone that people look up to since in this day and age it’s considered cool to be rebellious and do whatever one wants. Hopefully, the reality of it all will come crashing down around Jake in a manner that will show his followers that his lifestyle is not one to aspire to.

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