The Reason it Took Nearly 30 Years for a Third Bill and Ted Movie

Ironically, time is the main reason that Bill and Ted Face the Music took so long to come out since it took time to finally realize that the third movie was needed, and the timing of the attempts to keep it alive that came after just wasn’t right. There was an attempt at an animated series and a live-action TV series that came after the initial movie, and as anyone can remember, the second movie wasn’t as big of a success as the first. From that point on it was all a matter of time as to when the third movie would even come to be, and there were many questions as to why it should. After all, the second movie made it clear that the guys had done what they needed to do by finding a song that unified the world and made everything right. That kind of made the need for a third movie a bit pointless since they’d buttoned everything up and decided that it was over and done with. Plus, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter both went forward with their careers as they continued to be a part of show business, as Reeves especially went on to become even bigger than before. So why in the world did we need a third movie again?

Such a question might be met by a good deal of argument from a lot of people that have been psyched to see the third movie finally come out, but as a fan of the movies, it’s asked honestly since the second movie did make it clear that the guys found the song and that they were able to make it work. The third movie was fun of course and seeing them brought back was pretty nice since it was a great nostalgic moment that was made even better since it advanced the story and made it clear that it wasn’t all neat and tidy as people had thought and Bill and Ted hadn’t learned as much as people believed. That might have sounded like kind of a downer but it was obviously a means to show people that not everything was quite as simple as it had been intended and the writers, who were yet another reason why the third movie hadn’t happened yet, hadn’t found the time to finish the script. It would appear that they’d been writing it on spec, or in other words, for the heck of it without getting paid, to start with. What this meant though was that they had to wait to take the time to sit down and draw it out and make the movie work on paper before they could pitch it to anyone for a price.

After all this time and with the current special effects that are available one might have hoped to see a little more to the movie that might have made sense, but what was done with it has so far impressed a lot of people and has been rather fun to watch as well. There are definite faults to be found if one wants to forego enjoying the movie, but overall the third installment is great since it gave long-time fans something to cheer for again and it brought back two characters that have been a big part of pop culture since the first movie came out. It does feel as though the movie was hyped up a bit too much, but overall it was a nice experience. What is desired though is to see how the movie will be viewed when a couple of years have passed, meaning whether it will be seen as just as great or if the original will still be the best. Chances are the original movie will always be seen as the greatest since it’s the one that tends to set the tone and the one that people see as the standard when looking at any movie trilogy or franchise. Of course, there are exceptions, but in this case, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is bound to be seen as the most righteous entry into the trilogy. The hope of course if that we don’t need to see any other movie since the song has been well and truly created and doled out to the world so that the future could be saved. After that, there’s not much to go on and it would likely be overkill in a big way.

Bill and Ted have been pop culture icons for a long time obviously, but it does feel as though they’ve reached the end of their story at this point and while it’s taken a long time to do so, it does appear to be concluded. Now it’s just time to sit back, enjoy, and remember the good times with the Wyld Stallyns.

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