The Reason Josh Hartnett Wasn’t Taking on Superhero Roles

Hartnett Pearl Harbor

Regret is pretty normal. We’re human, we do things that we wish wouldn’t have, or miss out on opportunities we didn’t think were going to be that great, and Josh Hartnett is no different since back in the 2000s he decided that he didn’t want to take on the role of a superhero in a movie since he felt that it would have taken forever to distance himself from the role once he was done. Plus, if anyone remembers those times they might be able to recall that it was a while before superhero movies were really taken as a serious bit of drama since they were still seen as kids’ movies, no matter that Blade had kind of put that myth to rest already. But Hartnett, who was still experiencing a successful career, said no to playing the roles of both Superman and Batman, and does look back now to realize that he missed out on a great opportunity since those that have taken on the roles did manage to go on to do other things after they were done. But hindsight is 20/20, which is kind of funny when thinking of how this year has gone. But as far as his career goes, Hartnett isn’t doing that bad at all since he’s been big on the Indie circuit and is still doing what he wants. It’s hard to say whether he would have been able to shed the hero role or not since others have had a rough time in the past trying to get past that role, such as Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton.

Keaton actually went on to star in several movies following his time as Batman, but there are really only a handful that could be called huge success stories. The point though is that while people still think of him as Batman thanks to his participation in the story, he’s not hampered by it and can do plenty of other things that won’t have people wishing for him to take on the role of the dark knight once again unless the project happens to be for DC that is. It’s fair to say that Christopher Reeve never really managed to shake the role of Superman since his career from that point on didn’t really go as well as it could have. But anyone and everyone else that has gone on to star in a superhero movie have done just fine to be certain. In fact, one of the only individuals that saw his career start to go down after taking on a hero movie was Wesley Snipes, but there was another cause that aided his downfall. The IRS doesn’t really care for those that don’t file their taxes as they should. Snipes’ career was going great until he became Blade though, and after that, it’s not really that he couldn’t shake the character, it’s that he apparently either became hard to work with or became that much harder to work with since it’s more than Patton Oswalt that has stated that working with Snipes was kind of a nightmare. It’s either a conspiracy that took place on set to make Snipes look like a horrible person, or he became kind of a diva once he became Blade.

Hartnett has been a solid character for much of his career and has had his ups and downs, but whether he really regrets not taking on a superhero role or if he’s just wondering what might have happened is kind of irrelevant since wondering what he might have done as one hero or another is a bit pointless at this time. It’s still a bit intriguing to think that he could play a hero or someone that’s associated with a hero in either a DC or Marvel-based movie, but whether or not he would is the question. After all, he’s had plenty of success at this time, and thinking that he would attempt to take a risk like that is something that would require a script and the right price. Even then it’s difficult to determine if Josh would make the decision to say yes, especially given that he has nothing to prove and he might start thinking that trying to get away from such a role at one point would be too much of an effort. There are a few individuals that have had a hard time finding a lot of work following their time in DC or in the MCU, but such problems are kind of easy to gloss over since taking on lesser roles in movies isn’t always a sign of having trouble, but could be the actor deciding to take a bit of a break while still working. If Josh decides to take on the role of a hero or a villain in the future it would be welcomed no doubt, but for now, he sounds pretty happy where he’s at.

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