The Reason Toy Story Couldn’t Be Re-Rendered for Disney Re-Release

There’s one very good reason why Toy Story can’t be re-rendered for a re-release, the technology that was used back then isn’t compatible with what’s being used today. That’s the long and short of it really beyond any other explanations of how, what, and why this doesn’t work, since the tech used back in 1995 didn’t prove to be useful when it came to trying to brush up the movie in the current era. Can anyone else believe it’s been that long since the first movie came out? A lot of us were likely in high school, grade school, or in the case of some folks hadn’t even been born yet. Our parents probably recall when the movie came out, but only since we either wouldn’t shut up about it or because other people were so amazed by the story. To be fair it was revolutionary for its time and it was something that was easy to enjoy since it brought out the kid in a lot of us that a good number of people might have forgotten at one point or another. The movie did raise the interesting question of what happens when we’re not around and our toys were just left lying about. Plus it went into the whole idea of whether or not toys might resent being abused and torn apart in various ways, ala Sid.

But as far as going back to ‘brush up’ the original movie to make it look better for release it does sound as though there’s a bit of a problem with the technology of today being used to affect something back then. Going back to redo everything would be a huge hassle obviously, though it does sound as though it might be possible is remastering the movie instead of re-rendering it since the latter would require too many changes and too much work, and could possibly mean experiencing the need to redo the entire movie. Remastering the movie, in effect cleaning it up and giving it a mild facelift of sorts, would be a much better option since it wouldn’t upgrade anything, but it would make the movie look just as good as it did when it was first released. To a lot of fans, this doesn’t matter since being able to watch the movie is all that they really care about. But to those that happen to pay close attention to the quality of the picture and the animation one can only imagine what they’re bound to harp on at any given second. To be fair, a lot of folks do care about the quality of the movie since it does contribute to the enjoyment of it when there are few, if any, real glaring errors that are left in the movie due to poor editing or something else that wasn’t given the kind of attention it needs.

The truth is that the animation of the original movie and that which has been seen in recent years displays the vast difference between then and now when it comes to the technology being used. The casual fan won’t notice as much, but many others will be able to point out the differences in the characters, the world they occupy, and the overall feel and impression that’s given when watching the movie. The animation today far outstrips that of the 90s, but the enjoyment is about the same since many of us have grown old enough by now to know that it’s not always the look of something that matters, but the story it tells. If we were to judge every animated story upon the strength of its animation then there are some shows and movies that would be deemed absolutely horrific. But the point is that to re-release the movie it would be better to remaster it than to re-render it since the latter option just doesn’t sound feasible when thinking about the cost.

While the re-release of the original movie is something that people will likely look forward to, the idea that there will be no new movies, apart from short films and the like, coming soon would be nice to hear, since Toy Story feels about played out. In a big way, it feels as though the third story should have been the last since the toys had watched Andy grow up, they’d seen him move on, and they were getting another kid that would care for them, hopefully. Anything after that just feels like a great deal of repetition and a constant need t come up with something that will make the story continue to make sense. It feels safe enough to say that one day the Toy Story timeline might be revisited, but for now, it really feels like it’s time to lay this to rest and just let it be.

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