The Reason Why Batman Doesn’t Cover His Eyes or Mouth

It should be expected that people would give as many silly answers as they could when asking a question such as why Batman doesn’t cover his eyes or mouth. But then, not covering his eyes does make sense in a way considering that he does need to see, and obscuring his vision in any way wouldn’t be the best idea. But then again, when thinking about other heroes such as Spider-Man, Red Hood, and Moon Knight, it’s possible to cover your eyes and still be able to see when using various materials. And who knows, maybe Bruce could have Lucius Fox come up with a system like Iron Man’s, or maybe even the Mandalorian, and create a mask that could serve as a heads-up display that would give him even more of an advantage. It would certainly be better than allowing someone to actually see his eyes and recognize them later on upon seeing Bruce Wayne. Plus, the whole idea with his lower face being uncovered would appear to be that he does need to speak now and again, and breathing would be an important factor as well. But once again, why not have his chief engineer come up with a mask that would enable him to speak, breathe, and still remain entirely protected. Because….he’s Batman. Nope, as long as people decide to use this it’s going to be a great joke since Batman is awesome, but he’s still human, and some things just don’t make as much sense as people want them to.

It’s easy to see how leaving his lower face uncovered would humanize him in some way since otherwise there is a certain strangeness to a character when their face isn’t revealed. This is terrifying to some folks since there’s not a lot of ways to know just what’s going on in a person’s head when their eyes and mouth can’t be seen since a lot of what’s happening in a person’s mind will materialize in some way in the eyes or in the subtle way that people stand or look. But with a full mask on, Batman would definitely look more imposing and could strike fear just as much, if not more, into the hearts of villains, though it might not do as much to the supervillains that have tussled with him more than once in the past. But one question dogging me at this point is that Batman has been roughed up before and he’s taken heavy shots to the face, plus he’s had his back broken and suffered a lot of other damage. How does Bruce Wayne manage to explain all this away? How does he convince people that he’s not Batman when he shows up with injuries every now and then? That’s a huge plot hole that many people have likely thought about since if a hero takes an injury doing their duty and a random or prominent citizen happens to show up the next day sporting the exact same injury, it does feel as though people would be talking about this without fail.

The obvious answer of course is that the writers, who control the story, will come up with something that might sound feasible since even as one of the richest people in Gotham, Bruce Wayne isn’t always the most noticeable since he tends to keep to himself a lot and also doesn’t share his personal life with a lot of people. That tends to mean that if he does have a rough mission and gets a little beat up that he has time to recuperate and recover and doesn’t need to explain any injuries as much as people might think. Plus, Batman getting jacked in the face doesn’t appear to happen all that often since his fighting skills are superb enough that he can usually come out on top of any skirmish that doesn’t involve someone stronger and just as skilled as he is. There are plenty of enemies out there that have taken Batman for a ride when it comes to a physical confrontation, and it’s likely that there are still many more that can beat the dark knight, but the chances are good that we won’t ever see the true legion of enemies that can be Batman since people want to believe in the legend of the character that’s been created and will continue to think that as long as Batman has time to plan, he can beat anyone. That idea is becoming old rather quickly since to be certain it’s not wrong, but it is a bit presumptuous to think that Batman could prepare for literally anyone.

At the end of the day though, leaving his lower face uncovered does humanize him quite a bit and might keep him from scaring off a good portion of the fans that are still young enough to get nightmares from certain images.

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