The Reason Why Deadpool 3 is Taking So Long to Make

So it would appear that the main reason that Deadpool 3 is taking so long is because of…Deadpool. To be more precise, it’s because the leak that announced the first Deadpool movie is still being investigated as it’s been said, but a lot of people are likely still thinking that Disney doesn’t know how to treat the merc with a mouth. There have been rumors about Disney holding onto their properties and expanding to allow movies to retain their original look without being tampered with, as a PG-13 version of Deadpool is sending a lot of people into fits of anxiety since it’s been wondered just how anyone could think that Disney-fying the red-clad hero would possibly be seen as a good idea. But so far it does sound as though Deadpool 3 is still a possibility that will come around, but there a lot of factors to consider first, like the aforementioned leak. The gimmicks used to make Deadpool popular at this point aren’t exactly needed any longer since people already want to see him again considering that the first and second movies were big hits and have more than made up for a poor showing of the character in the Origins movie a little over a decade ago. They’ve also made up for Green Lantern despite belonging to a different company since the post-credits to Deadpool 2 did a ton of work setting things right so to speak.

But a Deadpool 3 movie could and really should be something that’s entirely off the hook since the second movie stepped it up after the first in a big way by introducing Cable and Domino. If those two could be brought back somehow and perhaps a couple more important characters could be brought in just imagine how much that would continue to get the ball rolling for Marvel when it comes to remaining dominant on the movie scene. Out of all the Marvel movies, Deadpool has been one of the most popular for a number of reasons, and one of the most obvious is that he hasn’t had to tone anything down to cater to a more family-friendly ideal. If Disney decides to do this then they’ll be making the same mistake they’ve already made with some of the Avengers since the necessity the company has seen in hampering the heroes and even the villains are beyond annoying since it takes great comic book storylines and makes them feel cuddly and wholesome by comparison.

Doing such a thing to Deadpool would be a shame if only because he’s at his best when there are no limits other than those that the character has imposed on himself. Some folks would likely prefer to cut down on the swearing and the gore, but on their own, either element would only be slightly problematic when it comes to losing them, but taking them both out would be the equivalent of clipping a cats claws and telling them to climb a tree, it’s still fairly possible in the right situations, but it’s going to be an awkward trip to the top if it happens in the first place. Taking away what makes Deadpool so popular would be just as bad as anything that Disney has done to its most popular franchises, no matter that they’ve been a massive success. Like it or not, Deadpool is best when he’s allowed to do what he does best and do it with the flair that he’s so well known for. Taking that away would be a huge mistake, and hopefully, Deadpool 3 won’t bother to even try and tone things down since otherwise it might as well come straight to video on demand since even if the theaters open by the time it’s out there’s a good chance that people might not think it’s worth the price of a ticket. That probably sounds more cynical than bold, but the idea that Disney tends to grind the edges of anything it touches down is well-documented given what’s happened to the properties it’s taken on over the years.

The big hope at this time is that Deadpool 3 will be coming in the next year or two and that we’ll see little to no change in the movie since otherwise, it does feel that things could go downhill in a big way if such was to happen. But with Ryan Reynolds behind the mask and the people at Disney, who will hopefully understand why some movies need to be left unchanged, taking on this project it’s likely that there will be a few compromises, but hopefully not too many. It’s understandable that the Mouse House would want to keep their image as family-friendly as they can, but there’s also a time to realize when certain properties should be left as they are and marketed differently when possible. Obviously they’ve done this before, but a reminder might be nice from time to time.

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