The Reason Why Number 5 Always Wears a Uniform in The Umbrella Academy

Different outfits and costumes are pretty normal for a lot of superheroes since some of them do enjoy getting out of the same attire in order to blend in with humanity or at the very least find some sense of comfort. But Number 5 is apparently too busy and always on the go and as a result, doesn’t really have the time to find something else to wear. This sounds like kind of an odd thing to do since most people would want to change their clothing after a while, but Number 5 doesn’t wear the same clothes just because he has nothing else. He also wears the same clothing to hide his age as well since thanks to his jumps through time he’s still been aging but it doesn’t look like it. It’s already been established that The Umbrella Academy is kind of an oddity when it comes to the comic book world, but it’s been proven more than once since the show debuted and will continue to do so as the seasons continue to roll on. The whole idea of wearing the same clothing is just one oddity that people have noticed and is bound to be one of those that people will likely continue to see as an oddity but might not bother to comment on after a while.

When it’s really considered how often heroes change their clothes it’s likely that some people begin to lose interest since apart from costume changes and the overall aesthetics of different costumes, one can’t help but think that apart from concealing their identities, said costumes don’t always appear to be all that comfortable. One thing that can be said for Number 5’s clothing is that at the very least it’s practical and doesn’t really force him to stand out since it might appear that he’s kind of a preppy student that never ages,  but at the same time the clothing can allow him to blend in with other people far easier than a superhero costume might. That’s one thing that’s hard to imagine with a lot of heroes or villains, that any of them would ever be able to just walk down the street without having fans mob them or people point them out here and there. Apart from the function of some costumes and clothing, the typical superhero garb is kind of hard to justify really since a lot of it doesn’t appear to have any real function other than to be intimidating or perhaps eyecatching thanks to the color or design. That’s what a lot of heroes and villains go for after all, an effect that can get to people and make them think one way or the other.

Some outfits have a practical use, as Iron Man, the Flash, and several others are practical enough since their costumes tend to help them in a big way. But anything that’s skin-tight doesn’t serve a functional purpose, and doesn’t look all that comfortable is something that typically looks kind of silly when it’s brought to live-action. Wearing your school clothing is one of the last things that anyone would find odd when going on adventures, at least in a sensible world. But seeking to be active in something that hugs every line and contour of your body feels as though it would be a little clingy and kind of hard to deal with. Comfort in the superhero game has become a big part of the costumes in the movies and TV, and it works since it doesn’t just help when it comes to making the heroes and villains look a little more realistic, but it’s easier for people to relate to them as well since form-fitting clothing tends to reveal everything, and looser clothing can still grant the illusion of one’s favorite hero or villain being as impressive as they remember. So yes, a school outfit doesn’t really do a lot for a person’s reputation when it comes to being part of the Umbrella Academy, but it does serve a dual purpose and it does this quite well since it keeps anyone from making any unwanted assumptions about Number 5, and it allows him a lot more freedom than another look might.

The Umbrella Academy has been rather impressive since it came to Netflix and it’s been a show that people have been anticipating every episode as they’ve continued to stream it to this point. Many people already have their own theories of how things are going to turn out and what’s going to happen with the coming season, but what happens will likely still be something of a surprise since the people creating the show do enjoy keeping folks on their toes. Likely as not we’ll be reporting more on the show in the days to come, as there’s bound to be a lot more that people will want to discuss.

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