The Rise and Fall of Artie Lang

It’s always sad to see someone that entertains the public go downhill, especially if that person is an entertainer that many people recognize and care about. Artie Lang might not be so well known to everyone but he’s been covered quite extensively by sites like TMZ and many others throughout his career. While he’s entertained a movie and a TV career throughout a good chunk of his life he’s also been a sidekick to Howard Stern, which is not for the weak of heart or mind as many people might tell you. But unfortunately it would seem that for all of his fame and ability to make people laugh he’s been dealing with a very real issue when it comes to substance abuse for some time.

Throughout his career some might have guessed, some might have known, but those that knew him the best were fully exposed to his drug habit and they knew very well about his substance abuse issues. Some might say that this is par for the course when it comes to show business but what happened to Artie’s nose as a result of snorting too much cocaine, as Leah McDonald of Daily Mail and others might claim, is that his septum almost completely collapsed. In other words it looks like Artie’s entire nose just caved in suddenly, as though there was nothing there to keep its form intact. There’s no doubt that his drug habit had a lot to do with this but it would seem that you don’t hear about this condition all that often since it would otherwise be a good reason to lay off of cocaine for the foreseeable future. The fact that Artie has made light of it isn’t too surprising since comedians take just about anything and everything and make it work in their favor to make people laugh, or at least attempt to do so. He was honest enough when brought to court that he had violated his probation and partaken of cocaine at least, but the sentence handed down doesn’t seem quite as fitting as some would like.

As Chantalle Edmunds of the Daily Mail shows probation seems to be the punishment that many celebrities, even those that are not quite as prominent any longer, are given when they are not only caught with illicit substances and it’s been proven that they’ve partaken of them, but also when they have violated parole as well. Now it would be very easy to say that this isn’t fair, we’re not treated equally in this country when it comes to celebrities and the average person, and it would be true. But a caved-in nose and some serious issues that come from a lifelong drug habit seem to be a sentence all by itself. It does irk some people that Artie still has a chance to do what he loves to do and get paid for it since he’s going through the program that was handed down by the court, and is following their instructions at this point. But what if he offends again?

Celebrities have gone to prison, but rarely have they stayed there for a long period of time in the history of show business. The money aspect of it is hard to argue against since they can pay their fines pretty easily at times, but the justice portion seems to dwindle as the cash flow increases since paying for their crimes, literally, doesn’t seem to remind a lot of celebrities that behind the fortune and the fame they’re still people bound by the same laws that every person in the nation is held to. What this means is that the only real justice for those celebrities that seem to enjoy flouting the law comes in the form of karmic justice when the lifestyle they’ve selected ends up being what does them in and either ends their career or their life before they’re ready. It sounds rather brutal to say, not to mention cynical, but those that end on such a note usually bring it upon themselves in one way or another. Artie was, at one time, a very popular comedian and was loved by a great many people. In fact it might be safe to say that he still has a healthy fan base that would love to see a return.

But his career isn’t bound to be the same as it used to be. Why? Drug use, legal troubles, all of it tends to conspire to change the minds of the fans in many ways as those that are dedicated and wouldn’t turn on a celebrity unless they insulted them personally will always be there. Those that enjoy thinking for themselves however are typically those that might still support guys like Artie if they feel it’s worth it, or will move forward and leave him behind if they think that it’s not.

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