The Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Challenge: Go Cold Turkey Until Movie Day

I’m willing to bet there are only a few out there that care about Star Wars that could take this challenge. Going completely cold turkey on Star Wars is something that diehard fans probably wouldn’t be able to do since obviously it’s out there and being pushed in every possible way every time a person goes on the internet, watches TV, or even steps outside and has to look at the various advertising gimmicks that are being used over and over and over again. But here’s the challenge, don’t watch, talk about, or even think about Star Wars until the 20th. I’ll bet that there’s no one that’s invested in the movies that can do this. Those that don’t care about the movies one way or another aren’t included in this since it’s far too easy for such individuals to simply turn away and not bother themselves with something that they have no interest in. Nope, this is for the fans, the people that eat, live, sleep, and breathe Star Wars. From now until the 20th, a matter of days really, go completely without mentioning or even thinking about Star Wars, especially the Rise of Skywalker movie that so many of us are hoping is going to be the redemptive chapter in this current saga. Think you can do it? I’m betting that many people can’t even make it five minutes after reading a single article having to do with Star Wars, as the story is pervasive enough that it’s bound to hammer at your subconscious in a way that will make it hard if not impossible to deny.

There will likely be a few people that might say “I don’t think about Star Wars all day anyway” but you will now upon reading this. Like it or not, the mind is a tricky tool that works against us at times. Even if we don’t want to notice something or pay attention to it there’s bound to be something about that subject matter that will draw us in all the same. Star Wars is hard to ignore largely because it’s pretty much everywhere at this point. It’s in the theaters as a trailer, it’s in the stores with the toys, the clothes, and other merchandise, it’s in the news, on social media, and just about anywhere and everywhere you can imagine, so avoiding it isn’t the easiest thing from a passive stance, but the trick is to simply move past it and not talk about it or even let it register, and it’s a sure bet that many people couldn’t go more than an hour or two without being exposed to it in some way. Again, those that aren’t fans and don’t care about it should find this challenge easy, but those that have been waiting for the story to continue ever since 2015 when The Force Awakens came out are likely going to find if kind of difficult to stay away from the story for an extended period of time. It’s time to put that patience to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to exhibit the patience of a Jedi and not give into the passion for Star Wars that runs so deep in so many people.

Even trying to do this for a few hours is kind of difficult you might find since Star Wars is just about everywhere with enough influence to keep a great number of people entertained and talking about it for some time to come. Even when Rise of Skywalker is released and afterwards there will be people talking. Some will state what could have been done differently, what should have been done, and why the movie is great or not, while others will be trying to look forward to what else might come now that an epic saga is over and done with. Even Alex Leadbeater of ScreenRant seems to think that it would be a good idea to give the story a rest. Thus far there are likely a few plans to continue with Star Wars since it’s too big of a cash cow to just let it go, but the break in between this trilogy and the next project will probably be a good thing as well as a challenge for many fans that don’t want the story to end. The hope of course is that shows like The Mandalorian and perhaps a few other projects will be able to fill that gap without overloading the populace with Star Wars mania yet again. It’s too easy to admit that Star Wars has come back in a big way and in a few instances has been a bit too much. That’s coming from a Star Wars fan too, and quite honestly it’s hard to say, but easy to believe. But ask yourself this, if you’re a Star Wars fan. Can you take the challenge and not read, watch, or even think about Star Wars until the 20th?

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