Top 5 Characters in Suicide Squad

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

Suicide Squad is quickly becoming the favorite DC movie among fans despite its technical flaws, and a large part of that is because of the characters. The actors in the movie gave fantastic performances and certain characters were perfectly brought to life in this adaptation. Some characters instantly became fan favorites while others were less known and have now been put on the map because of this movie.

Despite the large split of positive and negative reviews surrounding Suicide Squad, all of the actors involved had a blast getting into character and it shows on the big screen. Whether you think the movie is good or bad, these characters were adapted well and the personalities were spot on and enjoyable.

As always, this article will contain Suicide Squad spoilers! If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to risk it, turn back!

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

5. Captain Boomerang

While every character in Suicide Squad had the fun moments, Captain Boomerang was a blast throughout the entire movie. Jai Courtney was one of the people who apparently really got into character on set with the method acting and it’s safe to say that it was worth it. Captain Boomerang was insane the full length of the film with his wild Australian accent and crazy antics, but it worked. I absolutely loved what he brought to Suicide Squad and think that it complimented everyone else perfectly; whether Boomerang was tossing back beers in the middle of a battle or weirdly hitting on Katana, it worked

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

4. Amanda Waller

This one isn’t as surprising as others, but that’s not a bad thing. Everyone was hyped to see Viola Davis bring the character to life from the moment she was originally cast. We’ve seen her be bad on How to Get Away With Murder but stepping into the shoes of Amanda Waller was a whole new animal to tame. Waller was just as bad, if not worse, than everyone else in Suicide Squad because of her ruthlessness and cold, “whatever it takes,” mentality. Although the character had some clunky dialogue, Davis was great as Waller and the character definitely lived up to her name in this movie.Â

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

3. El Diablo

El Diablo was a big wild card of Suicide Squad going into the film. From the trailers it was clear that he had crazy power potential and at some point would use them because Deadshot, “was just trying to get him there.” El Diablo was a big surprise in the movie because he was a character that was easy to relate to. The background given to his character was a nice story and to watch Diablo be a pacifist until the team’s back was against the wall was an interesting element to the movie. Diablo had more layers than anyone could have expected and everything the character brought to the movie was really enjoyable.Â

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

2. Deadshot

Deadshot was easily one of the two main characters in Suicide Squad, and rightfully so. The character had a great background focused on doing whatever it takes to be there for his daughter and it was one of the best parts of the movie. Will Smith really took the character to another level with his performance and showed off a nice variety of emotions. Deadshot had one of the best scenes in the movie as he mowed down the monster minions from the top of a car but also had some of the most sincere moments while with his daughter. His scenes provided a great blend of serious, fun and emotional throughout the film and as a result he was easily one of the best things in Suicide Squad

Top 5 Suicide Squad Characters

1. Harley Quinn

The other main character in Suicide Squad alongside Deadshot was Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie really brought her all in this role and felt like she stepped right off the comic book pages. Whether it was her accent, how she referred to the Joker as “puddin’,” or how crazy the character was, it all worked perfectly. Harley and Deadshot really brought the team together and had great chemistry (which might be a result of Robbie and Smith working together before) but seeing Harley’s back story added a ton of depth to the character. The scenes between her and the Joker where viewers get to witness how she was corrupted were really great and then to follow along with how crazy she is as a result was a blast. Hopefully there will be more of these scenes strung together in the extended cut of the movie because it would be such a great addition.

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