The Top Favorite “Real Housewives” Parodies on The Net

What do you get when you take Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise as a base; combine creative, rabid fans and the almighty YouTube?

Comedic. Gold.

The clips below have stayed on my daily browsing routine on YouTube, because they guarantee gut-busting laughter from me no matter how many times I replay them. The parodies amplify the complete absurdities that occur on these shows, and reminds you to not take them too seriously, which some fans do unfortunately. But that’s besides the case. Today, I bring you laughter with what I consider some of the cream of the crop of “Housewives” spoofs, which I hope you will enjoy whether you are a “Housewives” fan or not.

The Real Housewives of New York Season Two Reunion By KCSCougar

KCSCougar is a genius in not only parodying Bravo “celebrities”, but also actual celebrities as well. His voices are damn near dead on and his keen sense of detail is also even more accurate, whether it is with a celebrity’s personality or the simple things he makes them do. All in all, this man needs a show on TV, preferably Comedy Central where he could get away with murder with his arsenal of hilaritè…

In this clip, Andy Cohen hosts the NY cast’s second reunion and all kinds of crazy goes down.

The Real Housewives of New York Season Three Reunion

KCSCougar struck again with this insanely hilarious clip that got much attention due to being featured on the Bravo talk show, “Watch What Happens”, which is hosted by Bravo guru, Andy Cohen. This clip was released before the actual Season Three Reunion aired, but KCSCougar nailed the show perfectly, even down to the women’s dresses. The most hilarious bit about this clip? Jill Zarin wearing a Hannibal Lector mask due to her savage behavior during the season. This clip is one of the main reasons I thank God every night for making YouTube a reality.

The Real Housewives of New York Parodies by JeffPayton

YouTube user JeffPayton set his Real Housewives spoof in reality, but my God the actors and actresses are dead on impersonators of the actual women (except the Alex McCord one, because I don’t think Alex is ugly at all). The absurdity is on an all time high in these two clips that pretty much summed up RHONY’s entire third season.

On the Phone With The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ)

OMG, this is just too much! The banter between the women rivals what we actually see on the show. And Teresa’s excitement over a certain object is just scream worthy. The clip takes place after the Season One Reunion and features a special guest star from Bravo celebrity-dom.

What What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen

After seeing this clip, nine words will never come out my mouth the same way again: “Isn’t This The Greatest Thing. You Have Ever. Seen.” While not really a “Real Housewives” clip, it’s still hilarious to see how dead on these people are with the voices of the Bravo celebrities.

Celebritweets Theater – RHONJ’s Teresa Guidice

Popping up on KCSCougar’s page right after the infamous Weave-Gate on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, this send up of Teresa’s cookbook (and possibly her cooking skills) shows you how much of a Patterson bad girl Teresa really is and the lengths she will go to make sure you can cook one of her recipes from her book.

Bonnie Hunt’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Parody – CSI: Atlanta”

I didn’t even know that Bonnie Hunt had a show, but she and Niecy Nash (otherwise known as Officer Raineesha Williams in the badly missed, Reno 911) seem to love to make fun of the Atlanta Housewives with skits on her show. Hunt’s take on Kim Zolciak is so spot on, that it I cracked up in the middle of my job, getting all types of weird stares from people. Sorry, but I thought it was funny. Especially the crime scene bit!

I know most of these were from KCSCougar, but the guy is a genius. You should really look at ALL of his clips when you get a chance. Especially the Celebritweets shorts that he does for WonderWall Entertainment. Plus, I couldn’t find any decent Orange County Housewives parodies that were worth looking at, so there wasn’t a conscious omission of that brood of women.

So which clip was your favorite? Sound off below!
So what do you guys think? Which one was the best?

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