The Top Five Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Theories Running Right Now

Now that the teaser for Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of the Skywalker has dropped the rumor mill is once again churning away and the lot of us are running about trying to figure out just which theories will hold out and which will fade away like a snowball on an average Tattooine day. There are plenty of them out there and I’ll give a big thank you to Katerina Daley from ScreenRant for the inspiration, but trying to parse through them all and decide just which sound feasible and which sound far too outlandish at the moment. There is a reason though why the theories are all going to start repeat themselves as Paul Tassi from Forbes seems to be worried over, and that has a lot to do with the name of the title. How many of us were hoping and praying that Rey would be a long-lost daughter of Luke, or Leia, or be somehow connected to the Skywalker’s? Well it turns out she did have a connection to the Force, which is about as close at it gets thus far without having seen the movie. But what we find out in December might blow us all away or, worst-case scenario, underwhelm a great many people again and possibly turn them away from Star Wars for good. Either way it seems we’re finally going to get some answers, of course we thought that with the last movie too.

Keep your fingers crossed and let’s get into some theories that people seem to be interested in exploring.

5. The movie could go into the discovery of how the Skywalker’s came to be.

This has been a huge question since the first episode when the prequels had just started up. Who in the world was Anakin’s father? There aren’t a lot of us naive to think that something didn’t happen on a biological level that created someone as powerful as Anakin in the Force. Amelia Hill from ThoughtCo. came up with a couple of ideas that would explain Anakin’s emergence into the world, though it takes a lot of faith and of course forces us to rely on the story of the midichlorians once again. But one thing is clear when it comes to the Skywalker’s, no matter how their patriarch was created, the Force willed it, so it came to be.

4. Luke is more powerful as a Force ghost than he was as a Jedi Master.

Obi-wan said it first and possibly best though Luke did follow up and changed the words just a bit. As it’s been seen in the books and in the comics, as well as the movies to some extent, Force ghosts don’t do much, but in the comics and books it’s been seen that they can in fact manipulate the world around them. At this point they are one with the Force, and the whole idea of becoming that powerful must mean that while they CAN do amazing things they choose not to. But if Luke is coming back as a Force ghost in this movie it does seem that it would be for a purpose.

3. In some fashion, Rey will become a Skywalker.

It’s hard to accept what we heard from Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi, especially when so many of us were hoping to hear that Rey was a Skywalker through and through. But despite the fact that she doesn’t share the name, who’s to say that she couldn’t take it as a title? There’s always the possibility that she might assume the mantle of Skywalker as an honorific that she could lay claim to since he did mentor her for just a short time. Plus, it would be a great way to honor the man that at least tried to bring the Order back.

2. Kylo Ren will be redeemed.

This seems improbable, not impossible. If you heard that dark, cackling laugh at the end of the teaser then you already know that Palpatine is, somehow, coming back. If there was ever a big bad in the Star Wars movies then he was it. Vader was a brute compared to Palpatine, he was the enforcer and the weapon, while Palpatine was the mastermind behind it all. Should the emperor come back in this next movie it seems fair to say that Kylo might find himself overwhelmed by a character that is far more evil than Snoke ever was.

1. Skywalker is about to become the new name of the Jedi Order.

Do recall that Luke said that the time of the Jedi was over. That could be more than just an old man talking rubbish about something that he’d lost hope in. Perhaps a new Order is on its way, and Skywalker will be the name of it. That almost makes it sound kind of cheesy in an 80s way that was seeking grandeur but couldn’t get off the landing pad. But it seems like something that might be feasible in terms of the franchise.

Get ready, the rumors are flying thick and heavy.

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