The Top Uses of Debbie Gibson Songs in Movies or TV

Debbie Gibson was a sensation in the 80s that didn’t really come to prominence until the latter half of the decade. By that point the 80s were already starting to make the transition into what would eventually be the 90s and her sound had to change somewhat to reflect this. She still had the slightly bouncy and flamboyant nature of the 80s but the edge was starting to come through and she fit into the 90s well enough to make the switch at one point. Her songs have continued to be played and replayed throughout the years with some frequency but only insofar as they actually match the TV show or movie in which they’re featured. Today you might find one in ten people the remember her name, but there would be at least one in five that would recall her songs after playing them.

Here are some of the ways her songs were used in TV and films.

5. Summer of Dreams – Wonderland

TV movies that star the singer that’s writing part of the soundtrack are pretty common actually, or were at one point, since it’s a chance to stay relevant and to show that the person has more than one talent to their name. Debbie Gibson has been an actor as well as a songwriter and singer, and she’s done fairly well in her career. She might not have always been the biggest and best known personality but she’s been good enough to hang in there and enjoy some fame. It doesn’t take a whole lot for people to recognize and remember you so long as they knew you to start with and actually enjoyed your music.

4. Family Guy – Lost in Your Eyes

There are times when some people need to record themselves before going to audition for shows like American Idol. Really, singing in the shower and on your own without anyone there to tell you that your voice sounds like a cat being strangled is not a great way to go about trying to establish yourself as a self-made singer. In fact it’s kind of funny really to hear how some people react when they’re told that they have a voice that’s dreadful enough to make milk curdle. Of course it’s not always the best reaction since some people think that the judges, people that have been around the business for so long, know what they’re talking about. But it’s funny all the same.

3. Beavis and Butthead – Out of the Blue

There were moments on Beavis and Butthead that you couldn’t equate just why certain videos were being played since they were bound to be attacked mercilessly by the duo and in many cases mocked in the same manner. These two were always well-known for being among the dimmest characters that MTV had ever created and yet they were listened to by so many that it boggles the mind as to why. Their animation wasn’t that great and in truth they were a couple of dimwits that roamed the neighborhood when they weren’t glued to the couch attempting to sound like they knew anything.

2. Beverly Hills, 90210 – Deep Down

Of course she made the transition into the 90s, she had the look, the sound, and the talent to pull it off and she did in a big way for a while. And anything that had to do with the 90s and was fashionable enough would eventually find its way to 90210, or at least exist in its orbit. This show was one of the modern wonders that people flocked to in an attempt to be trendy, popular, and in the know with what was really hot and in fashion. There were those that simply couldn’t live without this show and those of us that groaned and rolled our eyes, but the show was undoubtedly one of the most popular of its time.

1. Debbie Gibson – Red Hot

For quite some time the music video has been one of the most accepted and most popular ways to get a song out and to keep up the public image of any star. While the music video’s appeal has kind of waned throughout the years it’s still something fun to watch since it brings back great memories and even acts as a kind of nostalgic balm to the way things are now since the music industry has definitely moved onward and upward. Music videos are still a thing today but it’s not quite the same as it was when they started becoming a big trend in TV. In a way it’s almost what artists do when they feel the need or have the time now, kind of like a side project to appease the fans.

While Gibson was at one time quite popular her life kind of fell apart after a while when she was subjected to a series of stalking attempts by different men and when she began using drugs shortly after Prince’s passing not that long ago. Since then she has cleaned up and been quite candid about her life.

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