The Ultimate Fighter 17.5 The Reflection of Perfection Review

Bubba-McDaniel-TUFBubba finally got his fight and he was up against Kelvin, who just so happened to be the youngest person to ever compete on TUF and has the least fight experience. As for Bubba, he trains regularly with Jon Jones, he’s one of the older competitors and has roughly 20 fights under his belt. On paper, he’s pegged to win this.

Um… what the hell is Mickey Rourke doing there? Apparently he was there to share some inspirational words and insight to the fighters. Turns out he used to be a boxer before his acting career and he had a lot to say about getting back up after things in life knock you down. And to be honest, if there was anyone to give you that speech, it’s Mickey… or Robert Downey Jr. Those two know a lot about overcoming the odds.

When it came down to the battle of experience over inexperience, Bubba long list wins wasn’t enough to takeKelvin-Gastelum-TUFdown Kelvin. The young gun won the fight with a rear-naked choke in the second round. What’s the lesson we learned here kids: NEVER underestimate the underdog. He also got a phone call from UFC Bantamweight Women’s champ Ronda Rousey.

With three fights left, was Bubba’s performance enough to earn one of the two coveted wildcard spots? As of right now, yes. The first two fights ended in a knockout and last week’s fight went to decision, so Bubba’s odds are good baring the next three fights end in a KO or TKO.

Kelvin’s win meant Team Sonnen reclaimed control of the fight picks. Next week it’s Tor Troeng vs. Josh Samman, the two dudes in the house that everyone was terrified to fight.

My money is on the son of Odin.


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