The Vampire Diaries 1.11 “Bloodlines” Recap

OMG!!!!! Talk about being in rehab and having your first hit after two months of soberdom!!!! The Vampire Diaries is BACK, PEOPLE!!!!!!! We got a lot of mythology thrown at us tonight and things are getting deep! I didn’t jump out the window tonight, but I damn near jumped in front of a car flying down the street!

The Road Less Traveled…

We pick up right where we left off with Elena hanging upside down in her car as the creepy hooded figure comes for her. As soon as he reaches in the car and Elena screams, he super speeds away! WHAT?!?!??!??!

But as soon as Elena (and myself) calms down, Damon super speeds to the car, scaring the crap out of Elena (and myself). He helps her out the car and checks to see if she has suffered any major injuries, which she hasn’t. Elena then murmurs, “I look like her…” before fainting. Damon gets an idea as he totes her off…

Elena awakes to find herself riding with Damon in his car. She asks where they are and Damon responds that they are in Georgia. Elena tries to recollect what happened the night before, including the creepy hooded guy, who’s identity Damon would like to know as well. Elena starts to panic and wants Damon to pull over so she can call her Jenna and tell her folks where she is. Damon reminds Elena that he can make her agreeable, especially since her vervain necklace is gone. Elena’s phone rings, which Damon has, and it’s Stefan wanting to know what happened to Elena for Damon to have her phone. Damon toys with the both of them, but sees the Elena really doesn’t want to talk to Stefan now, so Damon ends the call. Stefan notices Elena’s necklace on his desk and panics. Meanwhile, Damon talks Elena into hanging out with him and to step out of her life for awhile, because the only thing waiting back home is her problems, which she needs a break from. Elena relents.

Damon takes Elena to a bar outside Atlanta where we meet Bree (special guest star Gina Torres), an old friend of Damon’s. In fact, they used to be an item and Bree knows all about Damon’s vampiric nature, but she can relate, because she’s a witch. SAY WHAT?!?! Turns out that Damon broke Bree’s heart while they were in college. She thinks Elena is Damon’s newest conquest, but we all know that is far from the truth. But Bree knows that Damon wants something since he has popped back in her life out the blue. While Elena calls a worried Jenna, we find out what Damon has up his sleeve.

Turns out that Bree knows about Katherine and Damon’s plot to resurrect her, since they tried it twenty years prior. Bree presses to Damon that there is nothing they can do and there isn’t any back door way into the tomb… But something else proves otherwise. More on that later.

Stefan calls Elena while Damon listens from inside. Elena is pissed and wants to know why Stefan lied and what’s her connection to Katherine. When Stefan doesn’t give up the goods, Elena hangs up and finds Damon standing behind her. Inside the bar, Bree notices this and starts calling someone. Before she calls, Bree cuts on a blender and tells the person on the phone that they wouldn’t believe what had just walked into the bar. What does she have up her sleeve?

Afterwards, Elena and Damon discuss the Katherine/Elena quagmire and the physiology of a vampire. Turns out that if Katherine is indeed Elena’s ancestor, then Katherine had to have given birth to a baby before she was turned, because vamps can’t reproduce. We also find out that as long as vamps have blood in their system and are healthy then they can eat regular food. Hmmm… After Elena asks Damon if his nice act is real (he says it is), Elena decides to let loose and have a drink. Ummm… Is that even a morsel of a good idea?

Later there is a round of shots going and Elena feels good. Suddenly a guy walks in and he looks shady as hell. Like undead shady… What the…

Elena steps outside to answer a phone call from Jenna. As soon as she steps outside she is jumped by the shady guy, who pulls her into an alley. Inside, Bree asks Damon where did Elena go. When Damon goes outside to look for her in the ally, the shady guy jumps from above and starts beating the crap out of Damon. So yep, he’s a vamp.

As he vamps out and beats Damon senseless, Shady Vamp Guy starts to pour gas on Damon. WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?! Elena and Daman ask what the deal is and the guy says the he figured that Damon wouldn’t know him. Then he drops a bombshell: He is Lexi’s boyfriend and he wants revenge.


Elena remembers the convo that Lexi (Stefan’s best friend who Damon killed) and she had about her boyfriend, but Elena thought Lexi’s boyfriend was human. But the guy says he was, but that if you loved someone that much that you would want to live forever with that person you would do anything. WHOA!!!!! Elena talks the guy down from burning Damon and tells the guy to be better than him. The guy stops and then tosses Damon aside. Elena gives thanks, but the guy says it wasn’t for her. He then disappears.

Inside the bar, a nervous Bree has a drink. Damon appears behind her to say goodbye and Bree returns the salutation with a simple, “It was good seeing you again, Damon.” Damon asks why not a kiss, which Bree explains that she is full of vervain and puts it in everything she drinks. Damon asks why the betrayal and Bree says that Lexi was her friend too and is sick that Damon would do such a thing. When Damon gets closer, Bree spills that the sealed tomb under Fell’s Church actually can be open. She tells him that the directions for a reversal spell is all in Emily (Bonnie’s ancestor’s) book, which Bree has no clue where to find. Damons says that he believes her and then literally rips her heart out.

Later while driving back, Elena asks Damon why did he bring her with him. He says that she isn’t the worst company in the world. Elena then says that she saved Damon’s life and that he better not forget it. Ummm… what??!?! Guess she doesn’t know about Bree’s bleeding heart…

Family Lies…

Elena confronts Stefan and wants to know why he hid the fact that Katherine was her split image from her when she has been surrounded by all sorts of supernatural drama for the past five months. She then wonders if he is only with her to channel Katherine. But this is Stefan and nothing is ever that open book with this kat.

Stefan explains that them meeting outside the bathroom was not the first time he saw her. He reveals that he came home every year to visit Zach (his now deceased “uncle”) and to see his home. One of those nights, which was May 23, 2009 (my 26th birthday!), he witnessed Elena’s accident and rushed to save them. Stefan recalls that he tried to rescue her dad first, but he refused to be rescued until Stefan rescued Elena first. Elena tears up, saying that no one knew who rescued her. Stefan continues that he couldn’t save her folks, because it was too late. He also mentions that since the accident, he followed her and did research to make sure that she wasn’t exactly Katherine. But Elena is all like, ‘That’s all fine and dandy, but that doesn’t answer the question of why do I look like Katherine, Stefan.” After pressing harder on him, Stefan reveals to Elena that she is NOT a Gilbert and is in fact adopted.

<Mark smacks the hell out of himself…> SHUT. UP!!!!!!!!

Stefan continues after Elena asks him to. He reveals that there were never any records of Mrs. Gilbert being pregnant around the time of Elena’s birth. But he didn’t go into the files of the Pierces, Katherine’s family name, because it would have rose a lot of red flags for people. Elena is floored. I am too, but I mean, DAMN!!!!!!

Elena finally returns home and Jenna lights into her ass about being gone for a full day and then lying about her whereabouts. Elena then counters with the news she just got and pretty much tells Jenna to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Whoa!!!!

Bonnie’s Lost Her Mojo…

After finding out that Elena is in Damon’s grasp, Stefan goes to the one person he thinks could help. But Bonnie is not ready to trade favors, although by it being for Elena, she tries any way. She fails. This freaks Bonnie out, because she can’t even lift a leaf. She runs to Grams’s to see if she can find a cure for witches’s block, but it takes Grams to tell Bonnie that the only way she can retrieve her powers is for Bonnie to clear her head of whatever it is that is scaring her. Grams’s ask what that is, but Bonnie tells her that she was sworn to secrecy.

Later Bonnie returns to the ruins of Fell’s Church to try to see if she can reconnect with the last place that she used her powers. She hears voices, but then she falls right into a sinkhole in the ground and finds herself in front of the entrance to the tomb, which has a big ass pentagram on the door.

Meanwhile, Stefan stops by Grams’s looking for Bonnie. Grams know something is up with Stefan with a touch of his hand. She tells him that he knows where Bonnie is and that he offered his hand to her as a sign of trust. Grams notes that Stefan knows what she is and that she knows why Bonnie is scared now. Stefan asks can Grams trust him and she responds that she knows he will protect her granddaughter. She then tells him that she will NOT invite him in and he should understand why. I LOVE GRAMS!!!!!!!

Bonnie can’t get any reception from her cell phone, but as she gets closer to the door to the tomb, she hears voices. WHOA!!!! Then someone appears behind Bonnie. She screams as she turns around, but it’s only Stefan. He flies her out the hole (he tells her to close her eyes to lower her fear meter). When they get out, Bonnie informs Stefan that she can hear the vampires’ voices from inside. He tells her that Emily sealed that tomb shut and that nothing can reverse that spell. I’m going to need Stefan to get friends like Damon’s for concrete facts.

Stefan brings Bonnie home and after she leaves, Stefan reveals that he knows Grams by calling Grams “Shelia”. Grams admits that she knew him, too. Turns out that they knew each from a 1969 anti-war rally that Grams/Sheila was speaking at. But pleasantries aside, Grams tells Stefan he better watch out, because his presence in Mystic Falls doesn’t only affect himself, but all supernatural beings. Stefan says that he knows that the Bennetts’ have had a huge hand in protecting the Salvatores, but Grams says that will all go to the wayside when it comes to her own blood need saving, which Stefan understands.

Mystic Falls Vampires 101

Jeremy sees Alaric, who wants to know how his research is coming along. Later Jeremy finds a section of books that seemingly fall out of their place by themselves. Just when I think ghosts are trying to direct Jeremy to his destiny, it turns out that a girl actually knocked the books over. They immediately click and the girl reminds me of the female lead from that Val Kilmer flick, Real Genius, because she is super hyper. The girl’s name is Anna and she is homeschooled, but loves to hang out at the library to the point that she knows the call numbers of the place. Anna asks what Jeremy is looking for in his research, and he replies that he’s looking for books on war hysteria and other things that might’ve been inspiration for mythical writings from local authors. Anna says he needs to narrow that down a bit. Jeremy answers Mystic Falls Legends and Folklore for $500. Wrong. Anna tells him what he really means: Vampires.

My interest of this girl has just piqued!

Anna schools Jeremy on the old wives tales of vampires, witches, and other things that go bump in the night and have haunted Mystic Falls for years. Jeremy thinks that it all has something to do with the mass hysteria of the Civil War and that vampires are only a metaphor for the town’s real demons. Pretty impressive, but so pompous to the point that I want to slap the hell out of Jeremy. He looks for a pat on the back from Anna until she mentions that her ancestors kept journals of vampire sightings as well as sketches and the such. Um, deja vu, anyone?

Later over a game of foosball, the two talk about the coincidence of their ancestors keeping journals, but that is second fiddle to what Anna says in the middle of the conversation that makes me see red. Jeremy mentions that he has seen The Lost Boys and Near Dark several times, which Anna asks if they were movies.

How DARE SHE UTTER THOSE WORDS?!??!??!?! MAJOR Deduction in cool points!!!! That comment alone made me flinch as if my mom just walked in and slapped the hell out of me for wrecking her car!!!!


Anna uses her movie illiteracy as a means to have a movie night/date, but Jeremy is not in the right mind to be dating after the Vicki fiasco. But says that he is cool with watching movies as friends.

The next day, Anna shows Jeremy evidence of the presence of vampires in Mystic Falls dating back 75+ years. All the bodies found were described as animal maulings, and all victims drained of blood. Take that, Jeremy…

Everybody Hates Damon

Alaric writes in his journal, blog, or something that he had his first encounter the previous night with a vampire, or as a vampire slayer, however you want to label it. He talks about how evil Logan was down to his last breath. We hear this all in a voice over, while Alaric gets ready for school. Then we see a flashback of Alaric kissing good morning/goodbye to his wife, Isobel (special guest star Mia Kirshner). Later we see Alaric drinking at the Mystic Bar and Grill when Damon walks in and gives Alaric a friendly nod. But Alaric, like Lexi’s boyfriend, has a bone to pick with Damon. Why? Another flashback of Alaric’s reveals Damon as the killer of Isobel.

Is there ANYTHING that Damon has not done that will bring hell to Mystic Falls???!!!

From The Journals of The Council

– Elena…adopted. What. The. FRAK!!!! Did NOT see that coming! While the twist is very soapy and cliched, it was spun so well, because there weren’t hints dropped throughout the season that screamed “ADOPTION!!!” To me that’s what makes it more believable and shocking. I can hear people complaining that they would have loved if the writers had kept the resemblance of the Elena and Katherine as purely coincidental, but that would have been a sort of nagging factor that we couldn’t ignore for too long. It’s great that the writers tackled that storyline/issue now instead of waiting two to three seasons down, which by then would have boxed them in a corner. But the other thing that makes the reveal a head spinner? We still don’t know if Katherine is Elena’s ancestor. There was no confirmation in that dialogue between her and Stefan. Only speculation, which will have people gabbing and making bets until the results appear on the Maury show. Oy vey!

– I am so glad that Lexi got a mention tonight in the form of her now vamped boyfriend. It makes sense that she kept the fact that her human lover was now a vampire from Elena, because 1) Elena was new to all of this and didn’t need any more complicated morals to worry about and 2) Elena would have eventually told Stefan, who would have frowned upon the situation. It’s sad that Damon is ruining the lives of his vamp friends and his human ties. While most people would say that Bree was wrong for betraying Damon, I didn’t see it that way. She was only doing what she thought was best, because lets face it: Damon is evil personified. He didn’t even flinch when he ripped out poor Bree’s heart. He had relations with that woman and he still ended her life as if he had just took a dump. It’s sad… Which lead me to…

– Alaric. I knew Damon had something to do with his wife’s death without it even being spoiled for me. The thing is that it wasn’t that much of a shock, but what would have been a shock was if Stefan had of been the culprit instead of Damon. Now that would have been scream inducing…

– Jeremy has a new mate that might be of some relation to someone. What if this girl is Elena’s long lost sister? That would rock. But first we got to to take the rocks out of Jeremy’s head so he can think clearly, because he can’t be this dense for too long when it comes to supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls.

– Bonnie and Grams need their own spinoff, people!!!! I am so scared that Bonnie or Grams will die when that tomb opens. Blood will be shed and I bet Damon will stop at nothing to get that book. Even if it means dispatching a Bennett… But hopefully, these two women will survive to see season two…

I think I have ran my mouth enough, so what did you all think about the first The Vampire Diaries of 2010? Comment below!!!

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