Tonight on The Vampire Diaries: Katherine vs. Elena (Sneak Peek)

The Vampire DiariesIt’s the season 4 finale of The Vampire Diaries tonight and while this has probably been the most problematic year for this show (sire bond anyone?) the last few episodes have managed to (almost) make me forget some of the more meandering plot points. Silas as a season long arc has been patchy in places, particularly when they took the trip to the island. Everything that followed this has advanced the plot as the emphasis was off the sire bond and Elena got to experience the no humanity side of herself. Now Elena has her emotions back and after Bonnie dropped the veil there is now a ghost problem as they try to graduate from high school.

There is a bigger issue for Bonnie as she died at the end of last week’s episode as she attempted one spell too many. As the veil is down it means that Bonnie still appears to be fine to all around her and when she talks to Caroline in this sneak peek she doesn’t tell her best friend about her demise. Caroline is in full on event organizing mode and doesn’t want anything, not even the pesky ghost invasion to stop this graduation ceremony from going ahead. Caroline asks Bonnie “Promise me today is a friend day” and little does Caroline realize that this could be the last day that she gets to spend with Bonnie.

Bonnie has another person making demands but these are less than friendly as Katherine wants the immortality that she has been promised. Bonnie explains that this is a no go and Katherine in turn threatens Elena. They have been gearing up to a big Katherine vs. Elena fight as Elena blames Katherine for everything bad that has happened to her and those she loves. Katherine isn’t too fond of her doppelganger as she believes that Elena is getting everything, while Katherine gets nothing. One thing that has been consistent this year is how good Nina Dobrev is with her portrayal of Katherine and Elena and sometimes I forget that the same person is playing both roles.

Friendly and vengeful ghosts returned last week with Jeremy, Alaric and Lexi falling into the first camp and Kol and the Hunters falling into the latter one. The Hunters want the cure and will stop at nothing to get it, they are also after the location of Silas and Damon is the one who knows where both of these things are. What will Damon do with the cure? There are many viable candidates to take it, but who will be the person he saves?

Matt and Rebekah new friendship continued to grow, but they were interrupted by the return of the Hunters (including Rebekah’s ex boyfriend). The Originals has been picked up next season and so any Rebekah and Matt relations are likely to be cut short. This finale will also serve as a way to set up this new show and Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec told E!Online that this isn’t the end for another potential couple “There’s a moment between them in the finale that basically makes it clear where Klaus stands and where Caroline stands. Rather than completely shutting any doors, it actually, if anything, opens a new one.”

As it is the season finale the stakes are high (boom, boom) and Elena will be making another decision when it comes to Stefan and Damon. Both Stefan and Damon might have bigger concerns though as Damon’s life is in danger after a ghostly encounter and Stefan discovers something huge and horrifying about Silas.

Watch a sneak peek for tonight’s episode “Graduation” below and to watch the promo and another sneak peek head here and here.

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