The Vampire Diaries Photos: Mystic Falls Memorial

The Vampire DiariesThere’s been no shortage of death in The Vampire Diaries, but they don’t often have big memorials.  In the upcoming second episode of the season, titled “Memorial”, there’s a big church gathering.  From the look of these photos, it doesn’t end well (a shocking occurrence in Mystic Falls, I know).

You might assume that this is a memorial for Elena, who will (presumably) have to transition into a vampire in the upcoming season premiere, but Elena can be spotted in several photos.  Who else is missing?  Tyler/Klaus and Caroline are in the photos, as are Damon, Matt and Jeremy.  Any guesses?  This episode will also apparently mark the beginning of Jeremy’s big season 4 arc.

You can also view a sneak peek for the season premiere here, or browse through photos from the premiere here.


  1. Lee Morgan September 20, 2012

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