The Vans Harry Potter Sneaker Collection You Always Wanted

Vans Harry Potter Sneakers

Vans have been popular with several people for a while now but the current designs they’re coming out with might appeal to a different kind of crowd if they get wind of them. Amy Woodyatt, Madeline Holcombe, and Emily Dixon of CNN collaborated to create an article describing these shoes in great detail and quite honestly it seems as though a blurb might have been best, though all in all Potter fans might like what they see. After all the shows do look pretty cool and they do show off the individual colors of each house within Hogwarts. There’s even a shoe that shows off the colors of The Daily Prophet, the newspaper from the wizarding world that was always in motion and always running an untold number of stories that may or may not have been true. In any case these shows are pretty impressive looking and if you happen to see them being used at your local skate park or just to tool around in you won’t be surprised since they’re likely to become fairly popular after a while.

Even 12 years following the movies we’re still seeing Potter-themed ideas popping up. The kind of proves that Harry Potter hasn’t really gone out of style yet since now and again you can definitely notice various items coming out that bear the standard of the franchise. Don’t be thinking you’re going to be getting them cheap though, as Rebekah Tuchscherer of USA Today has reported that the prices can run up to around $105 for a pair of these shoes. The other apparel seems to start at around $15 dollars but the price only seems to go up from there. That’s kind of a steep price to pay for something like this but at the same time you simply know that there will be people who will gladly pay it. After all this Harry Potter, it’s not like there are a million other things out there from the same franchise. If you noted the sarcasm then hooray because as great as these are they’re definitely for those that happen to love the franchise and find a need to collect whatever they can. To each their own on this one honestly but it does seem as though the Potter line is keeping itself going in any way it possibly can. There’s nothing else to be said about it save for the fact that the people creating these lines happen to know which demographic to go after at times and which clique is likely to think that such things might be worth the money.

Harry Potter merchandise has slowed down in some regards as far as how fast it sells and what really goes versus what doesn’t. People still pick up the books from time to time, blankets are a big sell, so are t-shirts and sweatshirts. Anything a person can wear is usually a big item on many peoples’ list and other items such as mugs, glasses, and other kitchen items seem to be greatly desired. According to Katherine Cowdrey of The Bookseller however the biggest items to go when it comes to Harry Potter are, small surprise, the books and the movies. When you factor in how much the books and movies cost and then how much the rest of the merchandise cost it doesn’t seem like it would even be close, the items would win, right? Well you might want to check again since the book sales and the movie sales have been seen to be astronomical in terms of comparing them to anything else. Gathered together all the merchandise sales would no doubt rival the books and movies, perhaps even topping their sales by a good margin. But pitted against them one on one, no single piece of merchandise could possibly generate as much in terms of sales as the books or the movies.

If that’s surprising you might need to go back and look at just how well sales started doing after the first movie came out. Once Harry Potter became a known commodity the books started jumping off the shelves almost as readily as they did in the school library in the movie. People wanted to know more about Harry Potter, and a book was the only way to do it since the movies have always been a truncated version of the tale. Following those sales the merchandise has been the next big part of the Potter franchise that has yet to run out since people are still crazy for every last bit of Potter merch they can get their hands on. And now that Vans has joined the club you’ll likely see at least a few skaters sporting some very fashionable house colors as they hit the skate park or just go for a ride down the sidewalk.

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