The Walking Dead Bonus Sneek Peek “The Suicide King”

Thank God it’s Friday.  Thank God it is THIS particular Friday, because it is the last Walking Dead-less weekend we’ll have to go through for the rest of the season;  Season 3 resumes this Sunday with “The Suicide King”.   Just who do you think that title refers to anyways?  It’s not plural so it can’t be both Rick and The Governor, yet both men have proclaimed themselves to be an absolute ruler so it technical could be either.  The Governor certainly seems the most histrionic at the moment, but Rick is given to dramatics himself.  Mull that over while you watch this clip from The Walking Dead “The Suicide King”.

So obviously Tyreese and his group are being treated well, but it looks like they are still locked up.  How will Rick respond to a gaggle of new mouths to feed? Tune in this weekend to find out.  The Walking Dead “The Suicide King” airs this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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