The Walking Dead is Renewed for a 10th Season: But Why?

Season 9 of The Walking Dead is coming back to TV soon enough, but season 10 has already been confirmed to be happening, and some people want to know why. Well, those folks wanting to know why are typically those that don’t understand how the show has been soldiering on for so long when in their minds it would be better served just finding a suitable ending point where the story could end. In the eyes of some folks this series, which started off being one of the most loved shows on TV, has run its course and needs to finally come to a close. To others however that are willing to stick around and see what might still be on the menu season 10 is a hope that things might turn around or, at the very least, offer a thrilling climax to a long-running story that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. Seriously, after killing so many walkers through 9 seasons you would almost think that the earth would close being scoured clean of the dead. But then again as the years have rolled on you do have to admit that the walkers have either found ways to remain dormant until someone disturbs their resting place, or have continued to shamble their way forward in an effort to feast on whatever they can find.

All in all though, there are reasons why we should probably be looking forward to season 10, without looking past season 9.

The Whisperers are here.

We managed to get just a glimpse of the Whisperers during the last outing, and while some people might have thought that the walkers were indeed evolving when it was heard that a few of them were talking, the Whisperers have come up with a kind of camouflage that has allowed them to blend in with the herd and therefore remain invisible when they’re within their ranks. This makes the walkers even more dangerous as they’re used as a distraction so that the Whisperers can strike. It’s already been seen that they’re not afraid to take on skilled opponents in the midst of other walkers since their disguise gives them a distinct advantage. No one, not even Jesus, who was taken down in the last season, can possibly distinguish a Whisperer from a walker in the heat of battle until the Whisperer moves, and by then it’s usually too late. What this means for the survivors however is that things just a lot more uncertain, and a lot more dangerous.

There’s enough material to keep going.

One thing that TWD is not lacking in is ideas and material that can be used to keep going forward. It’s true that they’ve ditched some very notable characters but it’s also true that there’s still plenty to go on. The fact that the Sanctuary, Hilltop, and Alexandria haven’t been getting on as famously as ever in the last few episodes is obvious and it’s a big story arc that can drive the show for episodes to come and possibly through another season. In terms of characters there are still plenty around that people have come to know and care about, and Judith is becoming a character that, in her own right, is someone that people pay attention to despite her age. Despite what the naysayers might want people to believe there’s still a lot of world-building that can be done in terms of bringing TWD forward, but it might come at the expense of a few characters and might even need to expand their surroundings.

Season 10 is going to be saying goodbye to a very significant character.

Danai Gurira, known as Michonne, is going to be leaving in season 10 apparently, which is a huge blow to many fans since despite not having been there since the beginning, Michonne has become one of the most loved characters on the show and is also one of the strongest as well as capable fighters the group has. She’s proven to be rather strong-willed and not always prone to forgiveness, but she’s also shown to be rather judicious in how she handles herself at times. The loss of her character is going to have to be epic or somehow meaningful since she’s been one of those holding the group together for a long time now. Where Danai is going after season 10 is still uncertain, but after being seen in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, it’s reasonable to assume that she’ll be able to find whatever she wants when it comes to work. There is a rumor that she might sign on for the AMC Walking Dead movies that are reported to be in the works, but there’s been no confirmation yet.

Season 9 is going to continue this coming Sunday, February 10th, and by the looks of things the remaining survivors are going to need every bit of skill and help they can get.

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