10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Wall Game Show

In the history of game shows there has been just anything and everything you could think of done to and thrown at contestants in an effort to help them win money or at least get on TV and make a spectacle of themselves. Some shows have withstood the test of time and others haven’t, but the Wall is still one of those that might have a shot at lasting a little longer if it would do something dynamic to change it up. Right now a lot of criticism has been leveled at the Wall and its rather simplistic style of play since in all honesty it’s something you might play if you walk into a gambling establishment and have just enough to chance it on something that might or might not win you something. In any case it’s a show that has managed to stick around for a couple of seasons at least and has managed to give a few people some very big payouts.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. It’s kind of like a giant Plinko game.

The board is set up very much like a Plinko game. It’s about 40 feet high and there are 15 slots at the bottom that have a different denomination in each one. Watching the balls move down the board has to be nerve-wracking since any hit or bump could take them off in a different direction.

9. The show is hosted by Chris Hardwick.

This is the same guy that not too long ago was hosting The Talking Dead, the talk show that discussed The Walking Dead episodes and answered the many questions that fans had while hearing from guest stars from the show and from other celebrities.

8. The values at the bottom change from round to round.

As the rounds progress the values do change so each round has a set limit that can be won and that limit goes up and up as the game continues. There have been people that have won in excess of a million dollars on this show pretty easily.

7. There are 3 rounds.

It’s only three rounds but there are a few other things going on that need to be decided as the show is going along so it’s not just a matter of watching the board, answering questions, and hoping to luck out. There’s a bit more to it.

6. So long as the contestants answer the questions correctly there are guaranteed winnings.

The contestants have to answer questions in a correct manner before the balls fall into a box at the bottom. If the balls fall and they haven’t answered then they’re invalid scores. If they do answer and it’s right then the score will count, and that will go towards their guaranteed winnings.

5. So far it’s received mixed reviews.

Critics have kind of bashed the show around a bit, stating that it’s not quite as engaging as other shows and is basically as simple as it gets. One has to wonder if some of those same critics have bothered to watch the show the whole way through. It’s possible, but it does seem like it’s a little more difficult than people are making it out to be.

4. There was a video game of the Wall that was released in 2017.

Just about every game show that’s ever been out has had a board game or a video game version at this point since it’s something that people love to do and enjoy playing at home. Of course after a while the home version gets kind of old since it’s not going to update itself.

3. There are many different versions of this game throughout the world.

Many different countries have their version of the Wall and while it’s usually titled the same in a different language there might be different rules or different actions that need to happen in order to win the game.

2. It’s had two seasons so far.

There’s no way to be certain at this point just how long the Wall is going to last but it’s gone for two seasons already and it could possibly go for another one or two if the producers are willing to take the risk on it and push the show for all its worth.

1. It’s a game of pure chance.

This would be a show that might be impossible to rig unless someone was very sneaky and could do so without being caught, obviously. But otherwise it’s all chance and in that sense it’s kind of like gambling since there’s no telling what the decisions of the contestants are going result in by the end of the show. Sometimes it comes down to pure deduction, and other times it’s just plain old luck.

Game shows have certainly changed in appearance, but not so much in their main point.

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