The Witcher: Blood Origin Live Action Prequel Coming to Netflix


So will a six-part series detailing the worlds as they were before The Witcher be a good idea or something that might confuse the fans to a degree that they don’t need? Whatever a person might think it sounds enticing so as a lot of a fans might state, I’m in. The Witcher: Blood Origin isn’t bound to be just like the series that we’ve already come to know and care about, as it will take place roughly 1,200 years before the main story when the worlds of elves, men, and monsters were still separated and vast stores of knowledge hadn’t yet been lost during the conjunction of the spheres. This will be a time when things haven’t yet been so horribly complicated and the races are still separate and not at constant war with each other. Such a timeline is bound to be interesting since there’s likely to be just as much adventure, action, and intrigue to go around, especially leading up to the creation of the very first Witcher. One thing that’s obvious is that expecting Henry Cavill to take on this project in any way won’t be possible since his time as Geralt is still pushing forward as season 2 will hopefully be coming along at one point and the story will continue whenever it can. But the promise of an origin story for the Witcher role is worth getting a little bit excited over since it will be a limited series that will hopefully do a lot of explaining that might make the rest of the story stand out with a bit of added comprehension on the part of the fans.

Unfortunately, it is true that a lot of fans that haven’t read the books or played the games are a bit in the dark since things in the Witcher’s world are hopelessly confusing at times. Geralt is obviously a man trying to make a living, that much isn’t confusing, but the court politics and the flashbacks and flash-forwards tend to make a lot of people dizzy as they wonder what’s going on. When the story gets into the action a lot of people sit up and pay attention, though there is something to the rest of it that adds to the story in a huge way, so long as people can understand just what’s being said and why it’s so pertinent to the Witcher when it’s clear that the character wants nothing to do with a good deal of the information that comes from the machinations of those that control the rest of the world. In short, The Witcher is already something of a confusing story to those that haven’t read any of the books or even done their research on the characters, but it’s also a stunning blend of intrigue and action to those that have watched and are aware of who Geralt and everyone else is. Paying attention to this series is vital to understanding it since otherwise, it’s very easy to become lost and confused at several points. It’s hopeful though that Blood Origin will sort out a lot of what’s come before and make some kind of sense of the world before the role of Witcher finally came along since as the main character in the story it would be nice to know that the Witcher’s came to be with a distinct purpose in mind and weren’t just a horrible accident that occurred at some point in history.

When we can expect this series is hard to say since no start date has been announced and there hasn’t been any mention of who’s going to be cast into which roles. It will be filmed in the UK apparently, but again, it’s not for certain just when it will kick off and to be fair, most people are likely to anticipate season 2 of The Witcher in 2021, even if it’s just one more distraction to look forward to since this year has been more than a little rough when it comes to, well, just about everything. The entertainment industry has taken some noticeable hits in the last few months since the pandemic caused the shutdown, and many productions have felt the impact since they’ve had to postpone and put things off again and again in order to remain safe and avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Things are looking up a bit as we head down the latter half of 2020, at least some days, but there are still protocols in place to keep people from contracting the virus and until there’s reason to give an all-clear, which people are hoping for but not holding their breath for, things are still going to be progressing a bit slowly since there’s no desire to keep the pandemic going for any length of time. When the show begins to film, you can bet that there will be an update coming.

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