The X-Files: Albuquerque Animated Comedy Spinoff Heading to Fox

Maybe the fact that this X-Files spinoff is set to be a comedy will help it to move forward since otherwise, it feels as though it’s trying to resurrect the idea in a different location and is using animation as a way to gain the interest of a new fanbase. Without David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson though it might be that this spinoff will be looking at a serious uphill struggle considering that even hardcore fans of the show might not be too keen on anything that doesn’t involve Scully and Mulder. As with any story, there’s always a chance that people will like it, but again there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to getting people on board with the idea. After all, the X-Files has been a well-respected show for so long that it’s hard to think that people will just jump on board with any other idea that comes along, but if it’s presented in a way that they can get behind then maybe it will work. The fact that it’s going to be animated is kind of interesting since it indicates something new in the works even if the main idea sounds like the show is going to be doing the same thing that the original did.

One thing about animation is that typically people are expecting a comedy considering that anything animated, well most things that are animated, tend to be hilarious for one reason or another. There have been plenty of animated movies that have been less than humorous, but on TV it would appear that animation tends to mean comedy more often than not. Bringing comedy to the X-Files is entirely possible, but at the same time, there’s a way to do it that has been seen and enjoyed but not always possible in live-action. Trying to think of what could be on the way and what fans could possibly expect is something that’s more than a little difficult to predict, but it is an intriguing idea all the same. Considering how dedicated X-Files fans are to the show it might be that they’ll accept this without too much question and it could be that it will do better than some folks are thinking. After all, a spinoff, kind of like a reboot, does have a certain chance of success and it could even surpass the original if given the proper exposure and tools to get the job done. But of course, there are a lot of factors working against this possibility since too often a spinoff will lack some critical component that the original possessed and in doing so will find that it’s not quite capable of meeting the standards of the original.

It does sound a little cynical, but after being around for long enough and seeing reboots, sequels, spinoffs, remakes, and so on and so forth come across the screen in an attempt to keep ratings up and interest high, it’s enough to make a person realize that not everything is meant to last and not every show is bound to get a popular spinoff that will keep it around for a while to come. While some might want to state that no X-Files episode has ever had a definitive ending and that this show might be able to grant such a thing, the idea is that a definitive ending is an elusive factor that is best left this way so that the story can continue and possibly find new pathways to meander down as writers and directors and even producers discover new ways to tell old stories that have been entertaining the masses for decades and yes, even centuries in one medium or another. Trying to think that any modern story is related to stories that have been around since the time of our ancestors is tough, isn’t it? But the truth is that every paranormal story and legend that we hear today has its roots dug deep into something that’s been handed down from one generation to the next, no matter how mundane or fantastic. There are plenty of times that it feels as though people have forgotten this and tend to think that what they see on the TV and in the movies is entirely new and has no basis in any other story.

Where the X-Files come from is a great deal of conjecture concerning one story after another that has been passed down throughout history, and the original show made this work in a very unique way since it took these various stories and modernized them in a manner that people could understand and get behind. Hopefully, this new show will do the same since otherwise, it might lose the attention of the audience long before it ever hits its stride.

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