The X-Files Will Be a Video Game Once Again

The X-Files has an interesting relationship with video games. Its first foray into the gaming world was a treat to fans. “Unrestricted Access” gave players the sense they were hacking into a secret FBI database to solve cases. Then came the point-and-click adventure that included cut-scenes and actual scene interactivity. The show even played around with virtual reality in Season 7’s “First Person Shooter” in which a crazed game character begins murdering players in real life. But The X-Files hasn’t been to the video game space for quite some time. And with the reboot recently completed, the franchise is looking for more avenues to live on through. Here’s what we know about the upcoming The X-Files video game.

1.  Chris Carter Spills the Beans

Chris Carter recently did an interview for X-Files News. He talked mostly about the last episode of the X-File reboot. But at one point the interviewer asked if the show was going to live on through other means. Chris then reveals that the show has tried to do so in the past through things like And he cracks a joke about The X-Files: The Musical. But what they’re actually working on is an The X-Files video game.

It makes sense that The X-Files would jump into the video game space again right now. In the U.S. alone the video game industry is worth over $20 billion dollars. And even a small chunk of that market is worth something.

2. What Kind of Video Game Will it Be?

While we don’t know exactly what kind of game it will be, we can speculate. There are two types of video game The X-Files could fit. Adventure games and Virtual Reality. I could see Telltale Games partnering with Fox on this one. They’ve already had success with several TV and film franchises including The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. And guiding Mulder and Scully through yet another set of cases in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game would just be fantastic.

Virtual reality is up and coming. And to actually inhabit the body of an FBI agent monster hunting with Mulder and Scully would be an out of this world experience. Imagine getting to walk around and examine the strange duo’s office. Pick up Mulder’s pencils and fling them into the ceiling. Wear a standard issue 9-Millimeter and save Mulder from a monster attack.

3. What Will the Game Be About?

With the lightheartedness and self-deprecating attitude of some of the episodes this last season, I could see Carter writing some backstory where Mulder and Scully had to take cover as insurance agents or something (“Scully, did you know that these types of accidents cost sixty to eighty billion dollars each year? That’s a lot of Penthouse Magazine subscriptions right there”). Yeah…probably not. But it would be funny.

More likely, it will be a tie-in game. You’ll either play another agent assigned to look in on The X-Files or you’ll play one of the title characters. Either way, you’ll be guaranteed a conspiracy thrilled romp that both gets that Nostalgia drip going and pokes fun at the franchise at the same time.

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