Tonight on The League: The Out of Towner

On the last new episode of The League, we got to see Jeff Goldblum’s vinegar strokes and everybody ate Shakespeare, so what could the show do to follow that up?

Apparently, bring in Will Forte, as the former Saturday Night Live star has been brought in to play Chuck, one of The League‘s out-of-town players that pays everybody a visit. Unfortunately, he’s a little different than everybody remembered, as Chuck’s recently gotten sober and now the guys don’t know how to interact with him. Out comes the sobriety chip, but everybody’s determined to get Chuck back off the wagon and they try to teach Chuck about the joys of drinking.

Additionally, Kevin and Jenny have trouble with a drug dealer and Taco goes on a diet, another foodie storyline for the show following the introduction of Yobogoya and Andre’s foray into urban foraging. It’s been a tough season thus far for Kevin, as he’s been terrorized by Bobbum Man, caught his crotch on fire, cheated on Jenny with ESPN’s Matthew Berry, unsuccessfully tried to release his underpants fairies, and accidentally killed his daughter’s class pet; a run-in with a drug dealer only seals the fact that season 3 of The League has turned him into the second-in-line to be dumped on behind Andre.

Forte joins Brie Larson (United States of Tara), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park), and Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program) in guesting on season three of The League. He currently provides voices for Allen Gregory and The Cleveland Show and has guested on the likes of Up All Night, 30 Rock, and The Life & Times of Time.

The League airs Thursdays at 10:30 on FX. Check out a sneak peek scene from the episode on the show’s Facebook page, where Ruxin pulls a hamstring and goes to see Andre.

Any guesses as to what drug Kevin and Jenny are on? What kind of diet do you think Taco tries? Do you think we’ll ever see the other out-of-towner?

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