Tonight on The League: The Light of Genesis

The LeagueEven though Andre bears the brunt of The League’s insults, season three continues to mess with Kevin worse than anybody else. Last week, I ran through only some of what the poor guy has dealt with, from crotch fires to scrumptious (?) hamsters, and it looks like “The Light of Genesis” will only add to the humiliation of a one Mr. Kevin MacArthur.

In the episode, the show’s tenth of a thirteen episode order, Kevin’s taking Krav Maga lessons (to fend off Bobbum Man?) and he gets that idea that his touchy feely instructor (Eliza Dushku, Dollhouse) is into him. Now, this can either go two ways, by my estimation. One, she is actually attracted to Kevin, so much so that he goes from liking it/being flattered to being kind of terrified in a Fatal Attraction kind of way. Two, and the one I’d bet on if I were a betting man, is that she’s not at all into Kevin and he’ll make a complete idiot of himself in front of her.

(Here’s a picture to tide you over until the episode. You’re welcome.)

Not shown in the preview but alluded to in the episode description, Jenny entrusts Andre with a secret and Ruxin gets taken in by a cult following a badly executed prank. I don’t know what Jenny could possibly confide in Andre about, since she rags on him about as much as the guys, but Ruxin looks to have another solid plot after last week’s techno-corndog dance that should be sweeping the nation as we speak. The League has already introduced the world to vinegar strokes, Shiva blasts, and white knucklers, so just think of what they can do when tackling the subjects of cults.

The League airs tonight at 10:30 on FX following another new episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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