There’s No Reason There Can’t Be Good Video Game Movies


When it comes to video game movies there’s no reason why there can’t be any good ones out there. This could be the source of a huge argument between fans, gamers, and those that just did or didn’t think the movies were worth much, but the fact remains that the box office numbers don’t lie. A lot of video game movies have tanked, while some have kept going and going largely because of their star power rather than because they’ve kept true to their premise. Some fans have been increasingly irked at the movies that have taken their source from video games for not adhering directly to the script and have even gone so far as to threaten to quit playing the games if things didn’t change.

I might not be a business mogul but I don’t think that anyone from those testing the games to those directing the movies would be too worried about that. The truth is that we’ll go to see these movies in the hopes that they’ll continue to get better, which we’ll get to see here soon when Tomb Raider and a few other video game movies hit. Those movies that have paved the way with good intentions have fallen and fallen hard, though throughout the years they’ve been getting progressively better. The biggest beef now from gamers and fans is that the source material is not being treated with any respect, which is quite honestly something to be concerned about but not if you’re taking note of the intense special effects and stars that are being cast into some of the major roles.

Unfortunately not even that can save a movie from bad dialogue and worse directing. A lot of older directors didn’t grow up on video games and are extremely hesitant to even try making one into a movie. It’s understandable since they really don’t know the format enough to transfer  the medium onto film. As time goes on however directors are starting to get the point that fans want to see movies based on games that follow the source material and are given the proper amount of respect without being made into a running joke that lasts for about an hour and a half or more. Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, WarCraft, and unfortunately Assassin’s Creed are all movies that have met with little more than ire from the fans and gamers alike. While I’ll admit that I enjoyed the fighting sequences and the chase scenes in Assassin’s Creed there didn’t seem like the movie had much more to offer.

Resident Evil is one film that seems to at least have caught the attention of fans as it’s continued to roll forward to its final chapter, which really isn’t so much of a final chapter as it is a cliffhanger in which people assume the antivirus is going to finally kill off all of the creatures created by the T-virus.

Eventually the video game films need to be treated just like any other film, with some genuine respect.

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