General Hospital Spoilers: Things Are Getting Shaky In Port Charles

General Hospital 1/12/16

It looks like the good people of Port Charles just can’t seem to catch a break. Just when you thought things might be cooling down there’s another series of dramatic moments, and this week promises to be no different. It looks like Jason may finally be getting close to giving up his life of crime, although he has shown signs in the past, it may be time for him to really get on the straight and narrow. Plus, with talks of Anna and Sam starting up a Private Investigation firm coming in Port Charles, that may be an area where Jason can find himself feeling useful and using his skills. Either way, what Jason decides to do for work will certainly play a huge role in whether or not he is able to change his ways. Finding a job is hard, even when you don’t have a criminal history, but having a felony conviction is no joke. Sure, there are things out there that he could pursue, but at this point, it’s unclear which direction he will head in. However, there was a time when Jason had hopes of following in his parents’ foot steps and pursuing a career in medicine, so maybe going back to school is an option that he will eventually consider.

Spoilers also indicate that things for Johnny and Lulu will be getting pretty intense as well, but may not in a good way. As you know, the two have been secretly working together on a revenge plot against Valerie, and although Johnny has been trying to lay low, he has just narrowly escaped being arrested after persuading Maxie not to call the police. On top of that, the plot against Valerie seems to be getting out of hand rather quickly, and Johnny and Lulu are watching things spin out of control before their eyes. You would think that people in Port Charles would know by now that plotting against each other doesn’t always have the best results, but some people clearly think they’re the exception to the rule.

General Hospital 1/12/16

Elsewhere, it looks like Sabrina may be finding herself in a bit of a predicament. Sure, Sabrina has never been a fan of Carlos’ illegal activities, but she has tried to look out for him, and it’s clear that she doesn’t really want anything bad to happen to him. In the coming days; however, her back may be against the wall, and she’s going to be faced with some very interesting decisions. Despite being pregnant, Sabrina has had to deal with some very real issues, and it looks like they won’t be stopping any time soon. Although she tried to move on with Michael, and put Carlos and his mob connections in the past, it looks like she just can’t ever break free. Or can she? It looks like she’s plan on heading out of Port Charles in order to create a better life for her and her unborn child. She does still have feelings for Michael and is hoping for him to be her baby daddy, but he has already told her that things aren’t going to work out because she hasn’t always been honest with him.

However, if there’s one thing all General Hospital fans know, it’s that everything is subject to change. Although Sabrina can’t see it coming, Michael is having a change of heart, but it looks like he might be too late. Who knows how things are going to go for Sabrina, but as of now it seems like everything in her life is more unclear than ever. There’s nothing worse than being torn between two people, especially when they’re on completely different sides of the spectrum. Sabrina has made a choice, but whether or not it will be permanent is another story, and having a baby to consider probably doesn’t make things any easier.

Sneak peaks of the next episode also indicate that Carlos’ case may be taking an interesting turn and Sonny is ready to step in and do what he does best. As always, there will be plenty of twists and turns throughout the episode, and definitely a few shocking moments that will leave everyone wanting more. Tune into General Hospital on ABC at 2PM EST.

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